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Comment Interesting.. (Score 1) 4

I thought you were going to bring up the point about a campaign speech in which Obama said that he knew that he would take any actions necessary to stem the tide if it were his family being shelled in their bedrooms when asked about whether Isreal should respond to Hamas.

This has a number of liberals frothing for sure, but I don't hear many conservatives bringing it up.

Carter may have been bad, but Bush appears to have the actual title right now. Sure history will tell finally, but he kind of has it in the bag at the moment IMHO.

Comment Re:How do I like my "Change"... (Score 1) 11

I am totally accepting of you guys. I have been a discussed things with Pudge and Railgunner for YEARS and I think we've all been really civil to each other even though we disagree on policy issues often.

I'm just pointing out how silly all this hyperbole is. There is nothing intolerant in pointing that out. We all have the right to be silly and sometimes it is helpful when friends and colleagues point it out to us. I know I have been schooled in the errors of my own ways and thoughts by both Pudge and Railgunner on multiple occasions.

Maybe that owes to the fact that I am from Indiana in a deeply conservative area. Virtually everyone I know, including many of my close friends, are conservative and Republican or Libertarian. I treat them as my friends and colleagues. So I miss your point about hypocrisy of the lowest order.

Comment How do I like my "Change"... (Score 1) 11

I love it.

And watching you guys froth about this stuff is just icing on the cake. I knew there would be a little bit of this sort of thing, but the Fourth Reich stuff and all the infighting and Sarah Palin as a litmus test for true conservatism is just too precious. You guys are so cute when you get all worked up in such weird ways. It is so wacky that it is utterly amusing.

You do realize that NOTHING has happened yet. NOTHING. All of this is speculation at this point. I feel like the My Little Ponies are about to bolt out the stable.


Comment Re:Oh, I get it... (Score 1) 23

Isn't this the same garbage that you guys complained about when Bush was in power and many lefties compared him to Hitler. You guys said it was horrific to do such a thing. But Bush did away with habeous corpus; spied on Americans without warrants; prosecuted a war based on fear of an "other"; set up secret prisons around the world to interrogate "enemies" outside of the United States judicial system; restructured the justice department based on political affiliations; signed off on torture; vastly expanded the powers of the executive branch; and effectively suspended the Posse Comitatus Act (assigning a combat unit for US deployment for the first time ever. To name a few things...

And given all that, I still wouldn't seriously call him a Nazi or the next Hitler. And the people that did were silly and/or being hyperbolic.

It is an overblown sentiment.

This stuff with Obama makes you guys look silly.

Seriously, do you bandy these "Fourth Reich" scenarios around in the real world? How are they received? I would love to know. Because to me, and the few people that I have mentioned them to, they appear to be pretty silly.

Comment Re:Typical response from an Obamunist... (Score 1) 23

It seems clear that you don't understand the point of Godwin.

By constantly making comparisons with Nazis, you lessen the real horror of the Nazis and the Holocaust.

Show me ONE thing, just one, that Barack Obama has done that is on par with the horrors that were undertaken by the Nazis.

Not all this vague stuff about the Fairness Doctrine that Barack may enact if it is brought by party leaders when he is President even though he has stated he is against it. Its just speculation.

All of this stuff is speculation.

You guys are getting into a hefty froth over speculation and its kind of embarrassing to watch.

Nothing matches by degree with anything undertaken by the Third Reich.

It makes me wonder if you talk like this and raise these theories with the general public. Your boss or pastor maybe.

If you do... that look they are giving you... that's the "what's this guy smoking" look.

Comment Re:One other thing... (Score 1) 17

Too bad that Obama has stated that he opposes re-instating the Fairness Doctrine and finds the whole debate about it a distraction.

But Hannity and Limbaugh have their panties in a twist over it as a way to cast themselves as being persecuted victims and, thereby drive up their ratings and martial their core audience after a crushing political defeat.

Comment Re:Ronald Reagan (Score 1) 76

An attempted assassination will do that to a guy.

It's the "oh shit complete whacko's can get a hold of these and wreak havoc with them" response.

That's not to say that all gun owners are such (quite the contrary). Just an observation about gun control under Reagan.

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