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Comment: Re:Windows 8.x is horrible! (Score 1) 224

by casab1anca (#45353099) Attached to: Microsoft Donates Windows 8.1 To Nonprofit Organizations
I don't think anything was "wrong" as such with Windows ME, but there weren't any significant additions to justify the cost of upgrading; it should have probably just been released as a service pack to Windows 98. It didn't also help that Windows 2000 was released around the same time, and being based off the NT kernel, was a better choice than ME.

Comment: Re:Don't buy from Amazon if you in a sate they are (Score 1) 179

by casab1anca (#45322149) Attached to: Amazon Botches Sales Tax, Overcharges NJ
The number of such states is dwindling rapidly. It won't be long before Amazon has a presence in all states, and there will likely be a national sales tax as well. Oh, and even if Amazon isn't currently charging sales tax in your state, you're supposed to be reporting your purchases to the state yourself.

Comment: Re:Wow, 4.1 percent (Score 1) 390

by casab1anca (#45308553) Attached to: Smartphone Sales: Apple Squeezed, Blackberry Squashed, Android 81.3%
That's not a fair comparison. Back when BB was big, Windows Mobile was also big. Both platforms failed to keep up with the times, and iPhone/Android ate into their market shares. Fast forward a few years, BB10 and Windows Phone were both redesigned completely, and guess who's moving faster of the two?

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by casab1anca (#44957031) Attached to: A Timely Revision of Elop's "Burning Platform" Memo
Nokia sold 7.4 million Lumias in Q2 2013, Samsung sold about 10 times as many Android phones, but most other Android manufacturers (and there are dozens of them) sold way less than either of the above.

And no Lumia phone was discontinued after 2 months -- perhaps you're thinking about the Facebook phone?

+ - Amazon launches new Kindle Fire HDX tablets->

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casab1anca (1304953) writes "In classic Amazon fashion, without much fanfare, a bunch of new tablets just popped up on their homepage today. The new range, dubbed HDX, is available in the usual 8.9" and 7" versions, with improved hardware and software, but perhaps equally interesting is the revamped 7" Fire HD from last year, which goes for just $139 now."
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by casab1anca (#44930899) Attached to: BlackBerry Will Sell Itself For $4.7 Billion
Some simple math based on the numbers in your link:

Android market share went from 64.2% to 79%, that's a 23% increase since last year.
iOS went from 18.8% to 14.2%, that's a 24% decline.
Windows Phone went from 2.7% to 3.3%, that's a 27% increase.

Also keep in mind that WP is the newest of the 3 platforms and still has room to grow while the others are pretty much saturated at this point (or have already started declining as is the case with iOS).

Comment: Re:On the Path (Score 1) 179

by casab1anca (#44603807) Attached to: Mozilla Planning Firefox Metro For Windows 8 On December 10
Try typing "firefox" into the Run box and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Most well-designed applications add their install path into a registry key that is the GUI equivalent of the PATH variable. You can even have multiple keys pointing to the same path (similar to symbolic links) which is why both "mspaint" and "pbrush" work for opening Paint.

Comment: Re:Doorway amnesia (Score 1) 179

by casab1anca (#44601965) Attached to: Mozilla Planning Firefox Metro For Windows 8 On December 10
Does it really matter when you only do this about once a month? If you're a power user, there's always Win+R and type your command in directly -- no loss of context there. If you're the typical user, you only care about your browser and a couple other apps -- just pin them to the taskbar.

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