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Comment: Re:it depends on what "skilled worker" means. (Score 1) 401

by carys689 (#47404357) Attached to: No Shortage In Tech Workers, Advocacy Groups Say

The H1B program is designed to obtain the kinds of people you were talking about, but the program is in fact being used to hire an enormous numbers of very ordinary people whose main feature is they work for less money.

What you say I believe to be true. Speaking from my own experience, covering the most recent 20 years or so, the vast majority of the so-called "computer science" people outsourced from overseas are "ordinary" software developers and the most practiced skill is Java and Java-related technologies. There is very little "theoretical" knowledge here.

Comment: THe Worst (Score 1) 283

by carys689 (#47313977) Attached to: Perl Is Undead
Perl has got to be one of the WORST programming languages ever designed -- all those dollar signs to make up for bad syntax design. I thought C++ was bad, but C++ is syntactically a thousand times more sensible than Perl ever was. Even a syntactically obtuse language like Scala is better than Perl.

Comment: Prejudiced (Score 1) 593

Perhaps the reason "Google chose not to disclose anything about the age makeup of its workforce" is that the company, like MOST other technology companies these days, is profoundly prejudiced against older (50+ years old) workers, even those who have kept up with the latest software technologies. So it appears that Google is overwhelmingly male, overwhelmingly white, and overwhelmingly young -- yes, they should be very concerned about diversity.

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