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Comment: And why not? (Score 1) 244

by carvalhao (#44761105) Attached to: Samsung Unveils Galaxy Gear Smartwatch
Everyone seems to be bashing this product because they don't see any usefulness. That used to be the old paradigm. Now you just do stuff with a lot of features and possibilities and leave it up to the app creators to come up with something useful. My iPhone today does stuff I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams (fart apps included). Only time will tell what this will do for you.

Comment: The solution exists, use it (Score 2) 204

by carvalhao (#43696141) Attached to: Smartphones Driving Violent Crime Across US

The ability to deny service to a blacklisted device already is part of the GSM standard and the central registry needed to get this working:

Now it is only a matter of getting the carriers to actually use this list to deny service. In most SGSN, all it takes is changing a config flag.

Yes, that hard!

Comment: Re:I'm not going to make the tablet mistake again. (Score 4, Informative) 255

by carvalhao (#39395877) Attached to: New iPad Jailbroken Already
Well, it really depends on the kind of usage you give them. As a CEO I am always on the move, and there are a lot of surfaces and situations in which a laptop really isn't practical. Try the inconvenience of having to show a presentation on a lunch table with a laptop and you will understand why. Nothing beats the ease of passing an unobstrusive device over the table for the other person to check out what you are trying to show. This may sound frivolous, but when you are trying to sell an idea, every bit of positive feeling on the other side really counts. One of the best purchases I ever made.

Comment: Re:Day in court for pointing out the obvious (Score 4, Insightful) 494

by carvalhao (#39272553) Attached to: The Ineffectiveness of TSA Body Scanners
Mod parent up! Terrorism is all about... Creating terror! And disrupting societies by leading them to change significantly due to that terror. If societies refuse to change, terrorism will fail and the funding will stop coming. Look at IRA and ETA, they were not defeated by expensive equipment or civil rights limitations, they were defeated by societies refusal to become terrified.

"Freedom is still the most radical idea of all." -- Nathaniel Branden