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Comment: Re:Greenwald must be bored (Score 0) 381

by cartoonduck (#34702296) Attached to: Is Wired Hiding Key Evidence On Bradley Manning?
I actually used to read Greenwald regularly and I think its a precarious position to call anything a pundit says a "fact". He's funded by the same media he claims to rail against or he wouldn't be linking his various appearances in that media. His conclusions are scary because he draws the lines to the dots he wants to make the picture he wants. This is what "outsiders" who are "against the system" (but funded by it)do. He's just another guy convinced that people are out to get Wikileaks in some vast conspiracy that only makes sense when you go hopping through all their hoops

Comment: Greenwald must be bored (Score 0, Troll) 381

by cartoonduck (#34691872) Attached to: Is Wired Hiding Key Evidence On Bradley Manning?
with attacking all the other people who don't see his vast conspiracy theories and how everyone is against you. They're watching you right now! Pull the drapes! Maybe Wired just isn't following the new norm of shooting their mouth off without all the facts and are, you know, checking the sources and considering what the repercussions might be.

Comment: Sat in a jail cell for a few hours. (Score 1) 957

by cartoonduck (#32696480) Attached to: The worst I've ever been in trouble w/ the law ...
Got busted for having no insurance on my car (very poor at the time and couldn't afford the ridiculous rates for being a young male). Got a ticket and a fine which I could not pay. Kept working my crap job to pay half the rent at the place I was staying and subsequently got arrested for not paying the fine, which cost me my job (no call no show), making it even more impossible to pay the fine. Luckily my father found out and got the cash to a friend to bail me out. Certainly cemented my perceptions of the system.

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