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Submitted by FizzaNawaz
FizzaNawaz (2259204) writes "If you are amongst those propitious ones who are able to use Google+, then you must have felt a bit less advantageous when your inbox was filled with steady repetitive notifications.

On Saturday, Googe+ users recieved a bulge of notification email alerts flooding through their inboxes. Apparently this resulted in spam overflow!"

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Comment: Re:"Hacker Cell" (Score 1) 84

by carpenoctem63141 (#36663986) Attached to: Italian Anonymous Hacker Cell Arrested

Now watch where many waves meet and get extra-high for a short time-span.

I think Afroman did a song about this. Anyway, it seems you're the one who needs a bit of a reality check. Supposedly the people in the article acted as a group of 3 people. Since you claim anybody can act under the name of Anonymous, bam, there exists a grouping within Anonymous.

Comment: Re:Next step.. (Score 1) 111

by carpenoctem63141 (#36639162) Attached to: Magnetic Nanoparticles Fry Tumors
It depends how large the nanoparticles are, I suppose. Down to a certain size and they can just be filtered out by the kidneys. I have some minor experience working with iron oxide nanoparticles to be used as MRI contrast agents and I believe there was just a window of time during which the MRI could be done and then after a few days the particles would be cleared from the bloodstream. To be honest, I didn't really think too much about it and was kind of shooting off the cuff. Obviously a lot depends on the size and type of the nanoparticles, how they are injected, and how they targeted the tumors. Being too lazy to RTFA, I don't really know what they did in this case.

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