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Comment: Re:Any actual examples? (Score 1) 598

by carou (#48738141) Attached to: Tumblr Co-Founder: Apple's Software Is In a Nosedive

To be fair, he's written and podcasted ( about a bunch of examples in the last few months. They aren't directly referenced in this article, but I don't think he would necessarily have expected it to be picked up on slashdot in isolation. Things that come to mind include:

  * iWork wasn't updated for years, then when a new version was released it seemed like a rush job as it was missing many features from previous versions. Some (not all) have been added back since, but the latest update removes some backward compatibility capability - it no longer can read some files which the previous version could. (Since the old version may at some point stop working on new OS versions, this is Apple saying to its customers "we don't care about your data, and you shouldn't trust us with it").

  * The iOS update which stopped some users from making phone calls.

  * The App store provides almost useless search results

  * Some kind of iOS API bug to do with the parseing of resources by the App store caused his app Overcast to run as iPad-native, when it wasn't intended (or tested) to be.

Comment: +1 MOD UP PARENT (Score 1) 261

by carou (#47124033) Attached to: Curved TVs Nothing But a Gimmick

Curved TV's reduce breakage in shipping and handling. That's a big deal as screens get bigger. A curved surface is stiffer/stronger than a flat surface of the same area. That's one reason why all the sheet metal in cars is curved.

The marketing dept was charged with the task of selling the curve to the public so they came up with the BS about more realistic images.

I don't know if statistics bear that idea out, but mechanically it's very plausible. This is worthy of comment.

Comment: Re:3.2 B (Score 5, Interesting) 198

by carou (#46958849) Attached to: Apple Reportedly Buying Beats Electronics For $3.2 Billion

Different meaning. In audio circles, compression is a technique used during mastering to make the sound louder without inducing clipping artifacts by selectively amplifying the quieter portions of the audio.

You're right about the ambiguity of the phrase "compressed to hell", but since the GGP then stated talking about "at least cd quality loss-less" I think he really was talking about the lossy file-size compression.

To the GGP: Try testing yourself at if you think you can hear the difference.

Comment: Re:The year of the Linux Tablet (Score 1) 487

by carou (#46396073) Attached to: Android Beats iOS As the Top Tablet OS

I'll give it a year. If the market doesn't implode that is. I doubt a tablet and guess what. I don't use it that often. I either use my PC at home, or the laptop when travelling, or the smartphone when I can't be bothered carrying my laptop around. It is niche hardware.

You don't use your Android tablet that often, and this spells doom for the iPad?

Admittedly I'm only guessing you bought Android, but you don't sound like an mass-market Apple user. You think the iPad is niche? I'll tell you what's niche: owning four different computing devices, when just one will do 90% of the things that 90% of people want to do.

Comment: Re: It's about tactics: GPL helps free software (Score 1) 1098

by carou (#46063521) Attached to: FSF's Richard Stallman Calls LLVM a 'Terrible Setback'

LLVM weakens GCC's ability to attract free software contributors. That's why Apple funds LLVM.

You think Apple funded almost the entire development of a new open source compiler, in order to hurt Linux through hoping that GCC support would get worse. That's what you're seriously claiming?

Comment: Re:Typical American attitude (Score 1) 70

by carou (#45712135) Attached to: Google Seeks To Throw Out UK Safari Tracking Suit

If you didn't want to limit your legal remedies to those available in a certain area, then why did you agree to doing so in the first place? Was it an intentional act of fraud in order to benefit from what you otherwise couldn't?

This isn't something that just got made up. Its part of the license agreement people agree to in order to install the software.

What license agreement? The only installed software in this discussion in Safari.


Speak for yourself.

Comment: Re:The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug. (Score 1) 726

by carou (#45370595) Attached to: Critics Reassess <em>Starship Troopers</em> As a Misunderstood Masterpiece

As a Dutch person, America's sarcasm detector seems collectively turned completely off. All of Paul Verhoevens films are dark comedies about the big issues of our times (as seen by Mr. Verhoeven), but it seems it takes another Dutchman to see this. The fact that some people only now see Starship Troopers as perhaps somewhat sarcastic blows my mind. How can you miss it?

Yes! Same with Robocop, a satire on corporate greed and its influence on capitalism. Even the studio that produced it doesn't seem to have understood the joke judging by the two sequels they made.

Comment: Re:History Lesson (Score 2) 108

by carou (#45183097) Attached to: Sleeper: LG G2 One of the Fastest Android Smartphones On the Market

I only mean that, in isolation from other configuration, turning hyperthreading off produced a higher benchmark result than turning it on. Dell didn't publish details of how they had configured the computer to produce their numbers although the compiler probably had a large part to do with it; according to the follow-up article, the host OS was different (Linux vs Windows) and they had probably used the Intel compiler whereas the VeriTest study used gcc (for both the x86 and the G5, which makes sense if your aim is to compare chip performance as opposed to compiler performance).

From the article:

To be fair, at least Apple and VeriTest tell you what they've done, which is more than can be said for the vendor-supplied figures on SPEC's web site. What tweaks have vendors applied to boost their own scores?

In seeking the unattainable, simplicity only gets in the way. -- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982