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Comment: Re:10x Productivity (Score 1) 215

by carnivore302 (#48409003) Attached to: Do Good Programmers Need Agents?
Plenty of studies have shown that it's true. If you can't see it, maybe you're one of the less productive ones?

I can imagine someone being more productive because he has experience with the business, ie. because he knows a lot he doesn't have to have everything specified or call for meetings. But when it comes down to just coding, I can't imagine someone being 10x more productive than the next guy (unless, as someone else mentioned, the next guy just sucked). Coding isn't that hard. It's a trick you can teach virtually anyone. After years of programming people will develop their own style and some styles better match a certain project than another. But 10 times difference? I'd like to see those studies.

Also "If you can't see it, maybe you're one of the less productive ones" is uncalled for.

Comment: Re:2 seasons 1978 and 1980 (Score 1) 186

by carnivore302 (#48402921) Attached to: Battlestar Galactica Creator Glen A. Larson Dead At 77
There was one episode that stood out: the one where we got to meet Starbuck again, stranded on some kind of planet with nothing more than a cylon that also had crashed. Loosely based upon 'Enemy mine', or maybe the other way around. Maybe one of the better episodes of the entire series (excluding the post 2000 battlestar galactica which is simply awesome)

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