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Comment slashdot are the 0.4% of the explorer users (Score 1) 951 951

Slashdot hates windows, love linux, and kinda love mac. So bad comments as expected. Enterprises are going to think twice before upgrading windows 8, as they always do in major versions. But for average Joe, is going to be ok to have the new shinny windows box in perhaps a new laptop.

Comment Re:What a waste of time .... (Score 1) 184 184

Meanwhile Enterprise users are happy with the release centos 6.0. I mean thats the beauty about open source, and diversity of distributions, if you are not happy you can use wathever distro you want. But its just wrong talk about the "majority of people" if you dont have a source of what your are saying. This distro is not intended for developers that want the lastest distro, its for Enterprise users that want stability, vendor support, and long term support.

Comment Re:Makes sense to me actually (Score 1) 639 639

Yes everybody thinks like that :D. Just call tech support, my computer is broke, and maybe with luck you get another one. This is interesting because only tech guys are thinking in that usb problems, while the rest of the people is thinking I get a new usb lets try in my computer at work, if its works yeah its mine.

Comment Oracle is going to be like apple (Score 1) 203 203

All of this is because Oracle wants to be like apple. From a Techcrunch article 04/20/2011 "Larry Ellison has always wanted to be the Steve Jobs of the enterprise. " Like Apple, Oracle wants to take away complexity for its customers and bundle the entire IT stack neatly together so that it works without hassles and is optimized for Oracle’s software.

Comment Re:Not Nice to Emerging Markets (Score 1) 203 203

Emerging markets not always can have the lastest tech. but thats not bad, Im sure, thats someone is going to hack the solaris 11 kernel, in order to support older hardware. ( Russia has done that for years, thats why that bastarts are the best hackers ). So start hacking :D.

You will lose an important tape file.