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Comment Simple problem with a simple solution (Score 5, Informative) 131

As a sailor who use GPS alongside traditional navigation: stop using devices that poll and insert a new leg on your route every 5 seconds. If you lower the polling frequency to f.e. every 1 or 2 minutes this problem goes away. I realize that this doesn't work for people who insist on taking their morning run zig-zagging through city blocks.

Comment Not really unusual, but... (Score 3, Interesting) 210

I recently modified a simple doorway alarm, using an ATtiny85 microcontroller, to monitor two windows and two doors instead of the single door the original device was watching over. The alarm was powered by 4.5 volts which was perfect for the ATtiny, and it used a form of PWM signal for the piezo tweeter which allowed me to let the ATtiny produce different alarms to alert which of the four sensors was tripped.

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