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Comment Not really unusual, but... (Score 3, Interesting) 210

I recently modified a simple doorway alarm, using an ATtiny85 microcontroller, to monitor two windows and two doors instead of the single door the original device was watching over. The alarm was powered by 4.5 volts which was perfect for the ATtiny, and it used a form of PWM signal for the piezo tweeter which allowed me to let the ATtiny produce different alarms to alert which of the four sensors was tripped.

Comment Re:OSX too (Score 2) 517

User error, really, though I'm puzzled as to how this is doable with an OS X installation, since the OS doesn't suffer many of the architectural flaws that puts Windows in these situations. I've been running (and maintaining for others) OS X for 10 years and Windows for 15 years, and with OS X installations I've never seen this occur. For what the anecdot is worth my own Windows installations have always stayed healthy (and just noticably sluggish) even after years of use.

Comment Inevitable, but doesn't really have to be bad (Score 3) 517

There's no way around the sludge that is the Windows registry, or f.e. Windows' tendency to regularly enter a heart-stopping "drive frenzy" for no apparent good reason, but it doesn't all have to end up with the familiar ugly crawl we all know friends' and family's Windows boxes come to just months after freshly installed. Next to me is a Win 7/64 machine whose current installation is close to 5 years old, and has seen thorough use (as with all my Windows machines during the 15 years I've used it on personal level) but it's still quite snappy and acceptably fluent even if slightly more sluggish than when the installation was new. The only difference is that I take care of my personal computing, and avoid the pitfalls that "computer illiterates" so often fall for.

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