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Comment: Re:haha (Score 1, Insightful) 1067

by carcosa30 (#32224336) Attached to: Steve Jobs Says PC Folks' World Is Slipping Away

Hardly a dent in personal computing? You may be forgetting the whole "windowing system" thing. Also, prior to that, the design of the Apple II drove the entire market for years and shaped everything about the PC including the formfactor.

He's certainly smoking some good crack lately though. Hoo boy.

Comment: Re:Steve is so wrong here (Score 1) 1067

by carcosa30 (#32224318) Attached to: Steve Jobs Says PC Folks' World Is Slipping Away

Yeah, man, I really don't know what he's smoking.

Maybe the chemotherapy meds have affected his brain or something. He seems to be increasingly belligerent.

Maybe he knows that he's increasingly painted into a corner. The iPad did AWESOMELY well, but I think Google is going to come along with something that's going to blow them out of the water.

Maybe there's just something about becoming a large company that makes companies misbehave and lose marketshare because of it.

Comment: The real reason Jobs doesn't want Flash (Score 1) 1067

by carcosa30 (#32224300) Attached to: Steve Jobs Says PC Folks' World Is Slipping Away

The real reason he doesn't want Flash on the iPad is because Apple is increasingly lining up against Google in many markets. Google's ownership of Youtube, and therefore fast online video with an incredibly huge library, is a threat to Apple.

Jobs and Apple want a walled-garden store. Since video is arguably the iPad's single killer app, and a place where it actually does look extremely impressive, they can't afford to have another company dominant in that sector.

Prediction: Google is going to wipe its ass on that overpriced piece of toilet paper.

Comment: WTF (Score -1, Troll) 116

by carcosa30 (#32190628) Attached to: New Hardware Models Highlight Nintendo's No-Transfer Policy

Well. Guess I won't be buying a wii. Not that I have ever bought a Nintendo product, or would be likely ever to buy a wii or any of their japanese kiddie software.

Even from their inception I've never been able to stand Nintendo. Don't like anything about them: none of their games, none of their hardware. And then you have this sort of policy.

Comment: Re:Wrong conclusion (Score 1) 269

by carcosa30 (#32189046) Attached to: Ball Lightning Caused By Magnetic Hallucinations

Wouldn't it be a bitch if the same conditions that produce hallucinations of plasmoids also produce actual plasmoids. In fact, this may actually be the case.

I would be much more receptive to this new theory if it were not for the fact that free-floating electrical plasmoids have been shown to exist.

Comment: No (Score 1) 250

by carcosa30 (#32094234) Attached to: Best Way To Sell a Game Concept?

The idea of a couple of guys having an idea and selling it to game companies is almost quaint. It doesn't happen.

1) Great ideas (far better than yours) are a dime a dozen.

2) Game companies employ professionals to design games. They are called game designers.

3) The more original your idea is, the less likely it is to sell or get anywhere. Companies don't want original games. They want games that will sell to the lowest common denominator. Free idea that they might have a snowflake's chance in hell of wanting: Marine finds his way onto base infested with alien demons. Now there is a concept with actual legs.

Suggestion: Learn how to program (not easy) and you and your friend program up the game yourself and begin either shopping it to distributors when totally finished, or sell it as an indie demo/game when mostly finished. To do well in the indie market, make it emo. Think "badly drawn boy."

Comment: Re:I support this. (Score 2, Interesting) 404

by carcosa30 (#31379638) Attached to: California To Create Public Animal Abuser Registry

Loss of rationality on the subject is precisely the reason why they chose animal abusers to enact these new unconstitutional laws.

Consider: why don't they do it with murderers? Well, because they don't think they could get the laws passed, because people like you are far more concerned about cute little puppies and cows than people.

No, they'll do this first. Prevent the people from getting jobs, subject them to perpetual shame and humiliation.

If you think our government is concerned about animal welfare, you must be smoking some good shit.

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