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+ - Holy S***! Water Exists on F***ing Moon!->

Submitted by
carambola5 writes "While Clementine and Lunar Prospector data suggest the existence of water via remote sensing, geochemist Alberto Saal of Brown University has some native lunar water sitting in his lab. Using secondary ion mass spectrometry, the group found up to 46 ppm of water within lunar glass beads, which were formed from volcanic eruptions and retrieved during the Apollo missions. Evidence suggests that the ancient liquid magma actually contained about 260 ppm of water before bursting into the vacuum of space."
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+ - The New House Dilemma

Submitted by
carambola5 writes "This morning, I closed on my first house (hooray for low interest rates! w00t for low home prices!). Being a geek, my mind is swimming with ideas on how to make it better. Fortunately, I don't have that pesky voice of moderation preventing me from going wild with upgrades (aka: a wife). My question to Slashdot: what upgrades should I do? Instead of describing my house in detail, just give me ideas that would almost definitely not be pre-installed, such as solar panels, a multi-room and occupant-aware sound system, an honest-to-goodness theater room, etc. For the purposes of imagination, assume resale value doesn't matter. If I get some good ideas, perhaps another Slashdot story will document my accomplishments."

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