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Comment: Re:8K!? but I haven't even bought a 4K yet (Score 1) 179

by captjc (#48583077) Attached to: LG To Show Off New 55-Inch 8K Display at CES

We'll have wall-sized 20K TV's in 10 years, but computer monitors will still only be 1080p...because stupid.

Nah, The reason PC monitors have been stuck in the HD-age is because LCD TVs were damn cheap to produce and took practically nothing to repurpose into monitors. Since the death of CRTs, TVs and Monitors have converged into more-or-less the same device, at least as far as manufacturers are concerned. The second that 4K TVs become dirt cheap to produce in 13"-30" sizes, you will see 1080 monitors going the way of the dodo. Same with 8K, etc.

Comment: Re:Capital and Investment (Score 1) 454

by captjc (#48459353) Attached to: Researchers Say the Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist

That is the situation we are in now. That is not how it has always been, and, if enough people can get angry enough to actually facilitate change, not how it has to be.

I've worked with quite a few of the "old timer" engineers, the ones who started working back in the late 60's, 70's and 80's. They would tell tales of how people would start at their companies as a lowly technician or engineer and stay for 30-50 years, moving up the corportauntil retirement. That it wasn't until the late 80's to 90's where everything went to hell. Multinationals would buy the company out, plunder the pensions, bring in foreigner for pennies on the dollar and fire everyone. There even used to be this mythical thing called job security where assuming that you didn't royally fuck up or the company didn't tank, you didn't have to worry about getting fired or laid off at the end of the week because one of the 40 VPs needs a few extra dollars to replace his company-paid three-month-old Porche with a more sporty Jaguar.

Comment: Re:"Engineer" (Score 1) 561

by captjc (#48426889) Attached to: "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" Pulled From Amazon

What are you talking about, Half, if not more than half of CEs are programming. Sure, not game programming (as in the book) but still programming.

I'm a CE and I spend most of my time programming everything from Robots, PLCs, HMIs, Motors, FPGAs and Vision systems, to the communication that glues them all together. I still need to have a knowledge of electronics and electrical design, but still a good portion of my work is (usually low-level) programming.

Comment: Great Scott! (Score 1) 41

by captjc (#48389623) Attached to: How To Mathematically Predict Lightning Strikes

If I can predict lightning, now I no longer need to rip off plutonium or travel into the future and waste my money on a Mr Fusion to power my DeLorean. I can just use free thunderstorms and save a metric shitload of money!

What's the point. I still need to go into the future to pick up a hoverboard and sports almanac anyway.

Comment: Re:Automation and jobs (Score 1) 720

by captjc (#48222379) Attached to: Automation Coming To Restaurants, But Not Because of Minimum Wage Hikes

Mincome works for employers as well. If the government was picking up the tab for a living wage, the biggest advantage is that you no longer have to. There is no point to having a minimum wage if the government is paying a living wage. This is the same reason that Universal health care is in the interest of most companies, because they no longer have to pay for employee insurance.

Then there are the side benefits. If everyone has a safety net, you can be damn well sure that moral is going to improve, which generally correlates with a rise in productivity. You also will get rid of most of those employees who don't really want to work, but just want a paycheck.

So, I believe that cheaper, more productive workers are in the interest of corporations.

Comment: Re:Automation and jobs (Score 1) 720

by captjc (#48222221) Attached to: Automation Coming To Restaurants, But Not Because of Minimum Wage Hikes

That is also an unfair comparison. You get disability benefits because you can't work. The option is either sit and collect a check or return to work. It is an either / or situation. The point of a Mincome is that if you decide to work you still get the check and you get paid from your employer.

If those on disability had the option to go back to work part time (or take a different job entirely, start a business, or what have you) and still collect benefits, how many do you think would go back to work?

Comment: Re:Ripoff (Score 2) 82

by captjc (#48178361) Attached to: Robot SmackDowns Wants To Bring Robot Death Matches To an Arena Near You

1-2 years? This was going on for a while. I remember watching Battle Bots on Comedy Central (Vlad The Impaler FTW) back around 2004. There was on on the Discovery Channel around the same time as well (Robotica, I think?), each with all types of merchandising behind it. Hell, Robot Wars was started in the early-mid 90's

Comment: Re:Won't anyone think of the corporations? (Score 1) 407

by captjc (#48169949) Attached to: As Prison Population Sinks, Jails Are a Steal

They can just get into the education sector. You already have a captive clientele, School nurses are even cheaper than prison doctors, and cheap meals are still cheap meals. Plus you have ample facilities for punishment and detention, A yard for "recess," and if you don't want to deal with public schooling, plenty of room for boarding students as a private school.

Schools are practically part-time prisons as it is, might as well go that extra few steps and use actual former prisons.

I am joking, but sadly that case could easily be made.

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