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+ - Inexpensive non-monitored medical alert necklace?

Submitted by captaindomon
captaindomon (870655) writes "I have a family member that will be undergoing surgery soon, and will be confined to home for a period afterward. I would like to give them something that is similar to the medical alert bracelets, but I don't want to sign a contract or pay for monitoring. Is there an inexpensive solution I can plug into their internet connection? Something that sends me an email or an SMS when they press the button would be ideal."

+ - Optimal CPU Utilization? 2

Submitted by captaindomon
captaindomon (870655) writes "What is everyone using as optimal CPU utilization? i.e. at what CPU percentage load do you bring new servers up, and at what load do you take servers into warm/cold standby? I can find lots of articles talking about the different approaches for doing this, but very few of them giving recommendations on the actual percentage loads."

+ - CDMA vs. GSM: Technology please, not politics.

Submitted by captaindomon
captaindomon (870655) writes "Which cellular network technology is better, CDMA or GSM? I'm not talking market share or politics, but the technology itself. What are the in-depth pros and cons of each protocol? I've had a hard time cutting through the hype and I'm hoping there are some engineers on Slashdot that are familiar with both protocols and can clearly explain the differences."
Hardware Hacking

+ - Which geiger counter to buy 2

Submitted by captaindomon
captaindomon (870655) writes "I have been thinking about buying a geiger counter just as a passing hobby. I'm looking for something cheap (under $50), not particularly accurate, but sensitive enough to detect radiation sources that occur naturally. Any suggestions? Has anyone played around with a geiger counter before?"

+ - Best reverse phone lookup with an API?

Submitted by captaindomon
captaindomon (870655) writes "I need to write reverse phone lookup as functionality into an enterprise product. What would you suggest as the best solution? Are there any free providers or do I need to use a paid solution? What have Slashdotters used in the past?"
The Internet

+ - Which shipping rates engine do you use?

Submitted by captaindomon
captaindomon (870655) writes "The software company I work for is currently trying to find the best shipping rates calculator to use. If we can't find one that is reasonably cheap and powerful then we will have to write one ourselves, but we would rather avoid that if possible. The end solution needs to support the current rates for FedEx, UPS, and USPS, and calculate rates based on weight, dimensions, and destination. It needs to be easily updateable as rates change. So my questions to everyone at Slashdot include: Which shipping engine do you use? Are you happy with it? How easy was it to obtain and integrate into your software? What would you recommend?"

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