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Comment: Re:Stop being a douche (Score 1) 539

by captain_cthulhu (#30586712) Attached to: Preventing My Hosting Provider From Rooting My Server?
I (and my colleagues at work) remotely manage a lot of servers in many data centers worldwide. We use a serial terminal server (cyclades) which allows for SSH connectivity (then over serial) to any machine configured and plugged into the serial port. this allows us to reboot the machine and remain connected to it for bios changes, OS rebuilds, single user mode, etc... we also use power columns that have remote control options like powering off a specific outlet so we can do cold boots. finally, we have a Perle serial device on a separate IP block in case we lose the data center's router or other non-all-encompassing problem upstream from us. seems like the serial terminal server would do what you want. it is a separate device that needs it's own IP but otherwise will allow you to control the machine from power-on to boot-up so you could configure linux anyway you like. it's not end-to-end encryption although SSH is encrypted and you can configure the cyclades device to use it exclusively. but now it seems you don't really own any of the hardware and therefore you are not truly colo and therefore can't walk into the datacenter with new equipment and set it up yourself. the problem here is that you don't own the hardware, so you don't have much leverage in the situation. you need to physically own the hardware in your future hosting plans. good luck dude.

Comment: f this guy (Score 1) 401

by captain_cthulhu (#29911683) Attached to: John Hodgman On the Coming Geek Culture
I just don't find this guy funny or even all that intelligent. what is he even saying here? yes the US has been trailing in science and math education for a while and yes we know that trend must stop - stating the obvious doesn't make it so, it's not funny (obligatory nerd/wedgie comment not withstanding) and it's not smart or original. if he did 'I'm a Linux' commercials he might not come across as such a d-bag.

Comment: Re:Camera in galaxy (Score 1) 83

by captain_cthulhu (#21634995) Attached to: Sneaking Stories Past Miyamoto
date: 2007-12-9
filed under: absurd - not for public consumption
subject: insane mutant troll rant annotated

did you forget the 99.9% of the time when everything works flawlessly?
the post I responded to wasn't about how good the camera was... and besides [pout], you never asked!

nobody wants to hear you bitch about how bad your day was or what happened to you at the office,
why don't you write the authors of reviews that also mentioned these problems and tell them they are just being bitchy. I'm sure they'll take it well.

nobody wants to hear you bitch about it when you find some insignificant problem in a game.
i responded to the parent who's post got modded to +4 insightful from some person or persons. also, why haven't you responded to Yosho who corrected your arguably ignorant statement? include the quotes from the reviews I posted and that's a lot of nobodies without even leaving this thread.

Plus, when you do bitch about it, you make it sound like a bigger problem than it is
I never talked about frequency (neither did the parent) or severity, in fact, I didn't really go into any detail - your wild assumptions are yours alone. if it makes you feel any better, I loved the camera in MG! can you believe it? but since perfection is a theoretical impossibility, there were the issues I alluded to - issues that have been better described within some published reviews.

sorry if your pussy is hurt over being attacked by "rabid, frothing fanboys" [read: the voice of reason],
well, mine might hurt for now, but yours has a stank that won't wash out. BWAHAHAHAHA

I need to mod your relative post score down so I don't have to read any more of your 'brilliant insight'.
:D - it's cool, even if I knew what it meant, I couldn't care less (hence why).

seriously though, once you figure out that people can disagree with you and still not be wrong, a lot of that angst will go away. good luck.

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