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+ - Microsoft releases beta of Offline Windows Defende->

Submitted by TheGoodNamesWereGone
TheGoodNamesWereGone (1844118) writes "Microsoft has released a beta of an offline version of its Windows Defender product, for those instances where the computer is just so unbelievably infected that it can't go online or access security website. Prior to this, techies cleaning up infected PCs would have to use Ultimate Boot CD or something similar, but creating those disks and keeping them updated could be something of a chore. Offline Windows Defender comes in 32 and 64 bit flavors. Will this be a help to people like me who are always cleaning diseased PCs?"
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+ - Computer Virus forces US Hospital & Trauma Cen->

Submitted by McGruber
McGruber (1417641) writes "The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper is reporting [] that hospitals in Lawrenceville and Duluth, Georgia, USA, turned ambulances away after the hospitals discovered "a system-wide computer virus that slowed patient registration and other operations."

One of the hospital "went to total diversion status because it's a trauma center and needs to be able to respond rapidly."

The situation began on Thursday afternoon and is expected to last thru the weekend."

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Voting Machines Routinely Failing Nationwide 237

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the to-boldly-die-where-many-machines-have-died-before dept. writes "Voting machines in several critical swing states are causing major problems for voters. A Government Accountability Office report and Common Cause election study [PDF] has concluded that major issues identified in the last presidential election have not been corrected, nor have election officials been notified of the problems. How long can we afford to trust our elections to black box voting practices? From the article: 'In Colorado, 20,000 left polling places without voting in 2006 because of crashed computer registration machines and long lines. And this election day, Colorado will have another new registration system.'"

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