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Comment Re:Is RDP really the answer? (Score 2) 189

Because it's fast. I don't care what any linux user says (and I'm 100% linux on my own stuff at home), RDP is still 10 times quicker than anything linux has to offer in this area. I do like the desktop integration of remoting through SSH, but it's dog slow. Seems to me there ought to be a way to run RDP type stuff remotely and still have each app appear in it's own window and be managed by the desktop.

Comment Re:Java-Free Like NeoOffice? (Score 3, Informative) 148

Ha! The clown complaining about "security risk" is more dangerous with his lack of knowledge than anything else. LibreOffice is slow because it's a crummy code base (written in C or C++ by the way, not java), you don't need java installed at all for libreoffice to work. The fact that LO is slow without java, should make you rethink you're opinion about java; massive, badly written software, performs slowly. Java has nothing to do with it.

Comment Re:well, this article's lost it (Score 1) 280

You're missing the point... "works better over dialup" means it works better over any faster connection too. It's not a meaningless title when it shows how fast the stuff works on a slow connection. Just because you may have fibre optic, I certainly don't. And RDP works better over my LAN as well. Get it now? It works better EVERYWHERE. I really love your third paragraph... yeah no shit, the cloud requires bandwidth and there are latency issues, so it actually in fact becomes very important to discuss these arguments; as in, solution X performs better than solution Y. Holy crap man did you even think about that for more than 2 seconds? Yippee for you, you are allowed to decide for yourself when you prefer local or remote; many of us don't have the luxury (think business). Attitudes like your are part of the problem... you just can't believe that a windows / msft solution would be better than the equivalent in linux, so you wave your hands in there, spout a lot of bs, and nothing gets fixed. I'd pay good money for a linux solution that works just as good as RDP.

Comment Re:well, this article's lost it (Score 1) 280

No it doesn't, that's the problem. RDP is unbeatable, and you'd finally clue in if you actually tried it. I have, I've tried them all... X, ssh -X, freenx, vnc, and RDP; RDP takes the crown son, sorry... Perhaps we could finally get some real thin client solutions working on linux if linux users would admit that RDP absolutely smashes anything that linux has to offer in the "works over dialup" area.

Comment Re:These CEOs need to learn about Agile... (Score 3, Interesting) 347

What is it and North Americans claiming RIM is dead? What a bunch of blind people... RIM is only hurting in North America, in many other markets they are on the top or close enough. They still make money every quarter and are a in transition phase. Nobody is claiming RIM doesn't have an issue or two to work out, but to close your eyes to the rest of the world and blabber like you have any clue what is going on just shows how little you know...

Comment Re:anti aliasing? (Score 1) 259

Hinting is totally separate from aliasing. I run kde / gnome / xfce with anti-aliasing off, but full hinting. Last time I checked (within past 6 months) there was no option to turn off the eye-seering anti-aliasing. The fact that the head developer doesn't see the need to provide this feature (because they do it right!) tells me everything I need to know about the state of this project.

Comment Re:Bias is sad (Score 1) 1226

That is the first the sane comment I've read on this topic in a very long time... And I happen to agree 100%. If you think about it, logic dictates that there must be a creator / supreme being. 0 + 0 = 0. Permanently. This does not change over billions of years. So if you originally have nothing, how do you get to the initial "something" / material / energy etc for the whole big bang? The answer is that you can't, and this is a mathematical fact.

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