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Comment: Re:The two they left behind (Score 1) 238

by candude43 (#41748329) Attached to: All Five Star Trek Captains Share a Stage

They're forgetting Jeffery Hunter and Bruce Greenwood. They were also captains of the enterprise, albeit for one episode. Some will say they don't count , but being an captain is worthy of recognition.

Also Commodore Robert April. Granted, he was a cartoon, but we shouldn't be racist about it.

Comment: Re:The other side (Score 1) 281

by candude43 (#25563261) Attached to: RIAA Litigation May Be Unconstitutional

I think that congress is within its rights to set specific damages to things that are hard to place a value on. The OP says that damages should be 99 cents per song. How many people did that person share the song with? Does an average user share the song 1000 times?

That should result in 1000 people owning 99 cents each, not one person owing 990 dollars.

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