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Comment: Censorship (Score 2, Interesting) 116

by candreacchio (#26596363) Attached to: National Censorship Plan Offensive, Says Aussie Shadow Minister
Well... The Senator for Censorship is becoming more and more unpopular in australia.... I was part of his trial for internet censorship (was... i switched ISP's) and let me say this... it was appalling the speeds we were getting.... I mean.. loading up took at least 30 seconds on a decent speed broadband

+ - Australia's Internet Filtering Trial is now live

Submitted by candreacchio
candreacchio (1418793) writes "iinet have recently put into play the controversial internet filtering system for all australian customers. It's bloody annoying as it is slowing down my internet by up to 60%... Switching isp's in the morning... if you have any websites you want me to check out to see if they are blocked or not... post them in the comments."

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