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Comment: Re:How is that startling? (Score 1) 413

by canadiannomad (#48479191) Attached to: Mathematicians Study Effects of Gerrymandering On 2012 Election

One of the biggest reasons why it matters is that the ratio of population per representative is getting worse. By now there should be at least 5 times more representatives then there are. Every election your vote gets less of a representative, and fewer representatives have to fight for your vote per capita.

Comment: Wait, 122L !? (Score 1) 293

A standard gasoline-powered car with a 122L capacity at 30mpg would be capable of traveling 960 miles.

What kind of "standard gasoline-powered car" that runs at 30mpg (forget about the odd units) has a 122L gas tank!?
My car only has 42L... I know larger cars would have bigger tanks, but likely don't get 30mpg.

So if we compare more realistic sizes with their weird mix of L and miles... A 42L tank might get 330 miles... Maybe better to compare with that. But then that wouldn't be highway driving... which I know I can do better then 30mpg.

Comment: Re:Black and White? (Score 1) 132

I realize that, but then what colour is the ice? What colour is the dirt? This isn't for science, it is for general interest.
I realize that using the filters they have they can create enhanced colour images, and I think that might be exactly what they should do...
Do you really know it is grey? Ice can have some pretty amazing light distortion properties(go visit Alaska)... And not all rocks are grey.

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