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Pretty easy:
Convert request password variable to hash
Check password hash agains't DB
If success, check request password variable against current standard password strength rules.
If fails, expire the password and force password reset prior to login.

No need to store the password, just have to expire it on the next login if there is trouble.

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As for taking back IPv4 addresses, that has to be the most ludicrous thing I have heard.

Personally, I think it is a great idea. Leave ISPs enough that all their static IP customers can have an IP address, but otherwise take away all dynamic IPv4 addresses. Leave IPv4 addresses for the server/commercial community for now, and make sure IPv6->IPv4 tunnelling is available. Once all the customers are on IPv6, then it makes economic sense for commercial users to switch/go dual stack.
Trying to get companies to shell out money for a service their customers can't even connect to is just going to make this even slower and more painful.

I think forcing somebody's hand is the only way to really get the ball moving at a reasonable rate.

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