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+ - From the "mommy my skin is burning" dept... toxic chemicals in kids clothing->

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canada_dry (830702) writes "A new investigation by Greenpeace found a broad range of hazardous chemicals in children's products across a number of the major clothing brands, including fashion, sportswear and luxury brands. The study follows on from several previous investigations published by Greenpeace as part of its Detox campaign. It confirms that the use of hazardous chemicals is still widespread in the manufacture of clothes for children and infants."
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Comment: Don''t expect help from Apple (Score 1) 359

by canada_dry (#45999023) Attached to: GPUs Dropping Dead In 2011 MacBook Pro Models
Like most retail stores, Apple store staff are rewarded for sales, not having not having warranty repairs. When I went there with a similar issue more than 5 years ago: I was summarily dismissed by their "genius". I went from there to an Apple authorized technician who actually tested the computer and confirmed the issue. Over the next couple years the laptop had to be repaired three times until I finally replaced it with a high end ASUS. Moral of the story... never, ever buy a sexy new Apple product unless you can also afford to also buy the extended warranty.

+ - Delicious kiwi fruit is at risk of becoming endangered from disease->

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canada_dry (830702) writes "A disease that affects kiwi fruit has been spreading across New Zealand and Italy (the top producers of the hairy and nutritious fruit). This relatively new disease "psa-v" was first detected 20 years ago however it has become significantly more virulent in the last 5 years and is now appearing in almost every kiwi crop. Recent studies (May 2011 indicate there is concern about the future of the fruit. It seems that the current treatments of chemicals and antibiotics has been unsuccessful. Indications are that the disease originates from China ( More information is available on the kiwi growers website:"
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Comment: Don't feed the humans (Score 1) 1015

by canada_dry (#31973728) Attached to: Don't Talk To Aliens, Warns Stephen Hawking
Given the vastness of the universe it's hard to believe that earth holds some resource that can't be found anywhere else - plus the size of the earth in relative galactic terms probably wouldn't make much of a beep on the alien overload's metal detector. And, if aliens do make it here, it's a good bet that we're too dumb and fragile to be used as their slaves. My bet is that all us humans will simply be shipped off to alien zoos across the universe as curiosities and exotic pets. Those left behind will be part of a larger indigenous exhibit for our touring overlords.

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