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Comment: Re:Minimal ISO? (Score 1) 125

by campingman777 (#47409049) Attached to: CentOS Linux Version 7 Released On x86_64


"= Given the popularity of the minimal install ISO in CentOS-6, we are
going to try and deliver a minimal install ISO for CentOS-7 as well.
One key challenge here is that the installer image has grown to nearly
360MB, and getting enough content into a CD size image is proving hard."

Comment: Re:I'm confused (Score 5, Interesting) 246

        English I
        Intro to computers (or waived) (CIS 100)
        Programming tools (Github, IDEs, StackExchange, JIRA)
        Intro to Programming Logic (CIS 104)

        Algebra I
        English II (tech writing)
        Project Management (software)
        Web Development I (HTML & CSS)

        Interpersonal Communication
        Databases I (re-visit & modify current offering)
        Web Development II (Javascript & jQuery)

        Cultural Anthropology
        Introduction to Unix (CIS 140)
        Web Development III (node.js, MVC frameworks, e-commerce)
        Capstone Project

+ - Ask Slashdot: Modern Web Development applied science associates degree?

Submitted by campingman777
campingman777 (1432017) writes "I am being asked by students to develop an associates of applied science in modern web development at my community college. I proposed the curriculum to some other web forums and they were absolutely against it. Their argument was that students would not learn enough higher math, algorithms, and data structures to be viable employees when their industry changes every five years. As part of our mission is to turn out employees immediately ready for the work force, is teaching knowledge-based careers as a vocation appropriate?"

Comment: Re:Won't someone think of the children? (Score 1) 557

by campingman777 (#39149257) Attached to: NYC To Release Teacher Evaluation Data Over Union Protests
I work for a school district and I only partially agree with your sentiment. 1.) Union members should self-police their own ranks as a first line of defense. 2.) The bigger problem are administrators that don't document poor performers. Administration should be the ones to say to the poor performer: "During your evaluation period you were not good. Here is how we can help you be better. If you can't show improvement in x number of weeks, we will start the termination process." Documenting is the key, and I have NEVER seen it done in 16 years.

EVE Online Battle Breaks Records (And Servers) 308

Posted by Soulskill
from the blame-it-on-the-torrents dept.
captainktainer writes "In one of the largest tests of EVE Online's new player sovereignty system in the Dominion expansion pack, a fleet of ships attempting to retake a lost star system was effectively annihilated amidst controversy. Defenders IT Alliance, a coalition succeeding the infamous Band of Brothers alliance (whose disbanding was covered in a previous story), effectively annihilated the enemy fleet, destroying thousands of dollars' worth of in-game assets. A representative of the alliance claimed to have destroyed a minimum of four, possibly five or more of the game's most expensive and powerful ship class, known as Titans. Both official and unofficial forums are filled with debate about whether the one-sided battle was due to difference in player skill or the well-known network failures after the release of the expansion. One of the attackers, a member of the GoonSwarm alliance, claims that because of bad coding, 'Only 5% of [the attackers] loaded,' meaning that lag prevented the attackers from using their ships, even as the defenders were able to destroy those ships unopposed. Even members of the victorious IT Alliance expressed disappointment at the outcome of the battle. CCP, EVE Online's publisher, has recently acknowledged poor network performance, especially in the advertised 'large fleet battles' that Dominion was supposed to encourage, and has asked players to help them stress test their code on Tuesday. Despite the admitted network failure, leaders of the attacking force do not expect CCP to replace lost ships, claiming that it was their own fault for not accounting for server failures. The incident raises questions about CCP's ability to cope with the increased network use associated with their rapid growth in subscriptions."

+ - Quality-oriented teaching of programming->

Submitted by campingman777
campingman777 (1432017) writes "Changing the way programming logic is taught may help more folks break into the field. This novel approach would help learners survive because the quantity as well as quality of work accepted would be measured into the grade. The traditional model makes for high failure rates as students who struggle to learn early topics can never catch-up and learn later topics because most courses are taught linearly. This approach changes that by only allowing advanced topics to be started after learners have mastered earlier topics."
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