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Comment: Re:Terms (Score 1) 153

by camperdave (#49088155) Attached to: Samsung Smart TVs Don't Encrypt the Voice Data They Collect
It's a smart TV, an internet connected TV. Beyond the standard On/Off, volume and channel select, it should be capable of showing any Youtube content, browsing the web, etc. So it'll be picking up "Natalie Portman, Naked and petrified" and other embarrasing utterances. Also, because it is web-connected, people will use it to check their bank balances (account numbers and passwords)

Comment: Re: Numerology (Score 2) 182

A constant is significantly interesting in some way. Fractions or multiples of a constant (which, granted, are just as invariable as the constant itself) are not interesting in and of themselves, but only in relation to the base constant from which they are derived. Pi is only interesting because it is half of tau.

A circle is the set of points in a plane equidistant from a fixed point. That distance is called the radius. The perimeter of the circle is the circumference. The circle constant should be the ratio between these two. Using the diameter is one of the biggest blunders in the history of mathematics. You have to have extra definitions. You get the superfluous 2 floating around in all equations. It's sloppy.

Comment: Re:Now they just need intensity from the actors. (Score 1) 165

by camperdave (#49062439) Attached to: Star Trek Continues Meets Kickstarter Goal, Aims For Stretch Goals
It's a Wonderful Life, one of the best movies of all time, is in black and white. As is The Birds and The Maltese Falcon. You're not doing yourself a favour by pre-judging films based on whether or not they are in color. There have been some truely awful color films.

Comment: Re:The internet is for real (Score 1) 164

by camperdave (#49057857) Attached to: How is your book reading divided between fiction and non-fiction?

If I'm using books, it's because I don't want to stare at a screen before bed.

By obligation, I'm supposed to say "I use an e-reader, you insensitive clod", but I fail to see how my choice of reading method in any way influences your sensitivity or cloddiness (or lack thereof).

Comment: Re:What makes a plane a plane? (Score 1) 56

by camperdave (#49041625) Attached to: ESA Complete Spaceplane Test Flight; IXV Safely Returns To Earth
The Apollo capsule was somewhat of a lifting body as well (details here). The capsule had an off-axis center of mass, which meant a canted entry angle. This generated lift, which was used to correctly position the capsule within the entry corridor. Judging from the slanted scorch marks on the Dragon capsule, it does the same thing, and presumably so will the Orion capsule if it ever gets to do a re-entry.

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