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Submission + - The Real Reason Behind Game Delays

njkid1 writes: "Conventional wisdom and public relations suggest that "quality control" is the chief reason for game delays. That's only partly right — in fact, strategy plays a bigger role than you would ever suspect.http://www.gamepro.com/gamepro/internation al/games/features/108188.shtml"

Submission + - RE: New Tools Help Create Cellphone-Friendly Web S

Ryan Smith writes: "I wanted to reply to Zonk's article that was posted yesterday. What no love/mention/props for the company that actually developed the mobile creation tools? Yes I mean Roundpoint, the company I work for.

I was going to make a comment to the article but I would have been torn apart by the slashdotters as an advertiser or some shady guy. So I thought I would contact the Slashdot team directly.

Been reading slashdot for years now, I also read Arstechnica and TechReport on a daily basis. I was wondering when Roundpoint's mobile efforts would be pick'd up by you guys, that WSJ aritcle yesterday did the trick I guess.

With our mobile creation tools we helped kilburnie.mobi come alive along with many other mobile pages. These tools are also integrated into our mobile social networking product called The Cerkle (cerkle.com). We introduced it at the 3gsm conference in Barcelona but you guys never picked it up. /. really concentrate on US only, should really take a peek into the European scene more...they really are ahead technology integration wise. Contact me if you want to know more...not to mention I contacted Commander Taco almost 2 years ago now. Roundpoint was interested in doing a mobile verion for Slashdot, you guys still interested in that?

Let us know, would love to hear from the /. team! Keep up the great posts, hope to hear from you soon!

-Ryan Smith
VP Application and Support"

Thus spake the master programmer: "Time for you to leave." -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"