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Comment: Re:Producing them is one thing (Score 2) 88

by camelrider (#46696869) Attached to: Samsung Claims Breakthrough In Graphene Chip Design

The expansion of carbon does not match the expansion of insulators when the temperature changes. Silicon matches the thermal size changes of silicon dioxide. If Samsung has matched the coefficients of expansion, it is big news. But that was not announced.

This insight deserves more than one mod-point! It's the key. For some types of processors or memory size may not be as important as speed or electrical efficiency, but without a compatible insulating layer they can't be built.

Comment: Re:Surface Tablet (Score 1) 712

by camelrider (#40370659) Attached to: Microsoft Announces 'Surface' Tablet

I wonder if anyone at Microsoft consulted the airlines or their insurance providers about carrying thin sheets of magnesium onto planes. That's the stuff used to make incendiary grenades able to burn through tank armor (at least when I was in the 1950's Army). When camping you can carry a little bar of magnesium with you so you can scrape off a bit to add to your wet tinder for starting a fire.

I guess if you must travel you can arrange to have your Surface shipped separately as a hazardous material.

The luggage industry tried magnesium frames but gave them up in the late 1950's because of the flamability issue.

Call this flame-bait if you will, but this stuff is hard to extinguish!

Comment: Re:Not really the first to go supersonic (Score 1) 155

by camelrider (#39392257) Attached to: Baumgartner Completes 13.5-Mile Free-Fall Jump, Aims For Record

I remember someone ejecting from a jet at supersonic speed in an outside loop (I think it was in Louisiana) and surviving in pretty good shape. The details escape memory but I think he got out with his legs intact, which had been predicted as improbable, and survived.
One of the more memorable ejections in that era was from a Cougar jet disabled in a thunderstorm over Louisiana. He took a very long time to get down and had ribs broken due to the buffeting he received. A REALLY long time to get down due to the updrafts the thunderstorm! These were two different events.

An Ada exception is when a routine gets in trouble and says 'Beam me up, Scotty'.