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by camazotz (#46688767) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion
Let's be honest here: the problem is not God as depicted, the problem is the idea of God as omniscient. My two-year-old experiences this all the time: why did Dad put his computer RIGHT THERE if he didn't want me trying to mangle/break/cover it in food??? The answer is because Dad is not omniscient and he needs to teach the kid why you don't mess with the computer, anyway, rather than build an iron fortress around it. The story is just a clever way to try and answer a variety of questions that ancient children were badgering their father about. And the dad was clever enough to put a parable to the computer in their (albeit referencing...who knows...the grain silo or maybe the crops or something) as a metaphor for "stuff you are not ready for yet." As always, the Bible works so much better as a book of parables and just-so tales about how people should co-exist twenty-five hundred years ago than it does as any sort of literal exposition on the cosmos.

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by camazotz (#46631999) Attached to: Department of Transportation Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory

Well, arguable, as a parent myself ... while the toddler doesn't deserve that fate, it is probably better for the gene pool if those genes didn't carry on as the parent really fucked up if their kid is standing behind a car backing up.

Not the kids fault, entirely the parents, but its too late to prevent them from breeding at that point, isn't it.

I doubt you're actually a parent (or a good one, anyway), or you'd realize a bit better that appreciating the danger of cars is a learned/taught behavior and takes time. A one or two year old has barely figured out that banging his elbow or head hurts let alone that a car can kill you.

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...that don't look and smell like shovelware. There are enough good games on the Ouya to have kept me from regretting my purchase, though. And of the games I've bought I've spent far more time playing them on the Ouya than any of the fancier games on my Nexus 7 simply because the touch screen interface is a pain in the butt, and a controller remains the best way to do this. Ouya's been fun enough for my household at least that I'll keep supporting them as long as the price remains right.

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by camazotz (#46348131) Attached to: <em>Thief</em> Debuts To Mediocre Reviews
This is a pretty fun game, actually, but it does have a scripted element that can be jarring when it draws so many comparisons to Assassin's Creed and Dishonored. I've never been one for the older Thief games (found out about them too late to care) so I can see how this edition might irritate those who have played what came before, but the game's not half as bad as I expected from the internet fervor.

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by camazotz (#46300693) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?
I've been plowing through the Assassin's Creed series at breakneck pace after ignoring it for too long (halfway through ACIII now). Still playing Fallout NV and occasionally returning to Fallout III. Picked up a PS3 last year and been catching up on it (Resistance 1-3, Killzone 2-3, Last of Us and Uncharted); played the hell out of Saint's Row III last year but still working up the energy to finish SRIV. Love GTAV. Still dabbling in MP for Halo 4, Halo Reach and Max Payne 3 when I can find other humans. Did grab a PS4 and mostly been playing Killzone: Shadow Fall and Warframe on it. For some reason Warframe is a better console experience for me than it is on PC.

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I picked an HD+ 32GB up on sale as well and my experience has been much the same; I still prefer my Nexus 7 for most conventional tablet activities, but the Nook HD+ is an excellent reading device and honestly does almost everything just as well; I have gotten very used to the larger screen, and it's hard to go back to the smaller size tablets for reading after adjusting to the HD+. On the app side, I will say this though: the Kindle App is smoother and more efficient than the Nook app, with a few more features that I like. Nook's app could use a bit more refining. Also, BN could really stand to drop their prices down to be more consistently competitive with the's discouraging when I can almost guarantee that any book I want will always be cheaper on the Kindle store.

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