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Comment: Re:As much as I hate M$.... (Score 1) 645

Speaking as an IT support business owner: you're off base on all counts.

XP users are generally boxed in. Most of them already have newer computers, but can't ditch the old XP box because it cant be replaced or costs too much to replace.

Windows 8 is not an "upgrade" to anything. I spend a lot of time helping people get their hands on Win7 boxen.

Copiers don't have compatibility issues with new paper and toner, extrememly weak analogy.

You don't seem to understand how OEM licensing and activation codes work. OEM licenses activating automatically is not the same as a free copy.

Comment: virtual solution (at least in part) (Score 2) 645

The fact that MS chooses not to include a fully-functional XP virtual machine in each and every copy of win8 is obnoxious and borderline criminal. Smells like a decision that fat faggot Ballmer would have made.

I realize that even this would not solve all the antique XP problems, but it would solve the majority.

(offtopic) I often imagine the goodwill that MS would generate if they offered all Win8 users a free "downgrade" to win7. Add to this the aforementioned VM and I think even slashdotters might say nice things about them.

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