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Comment: Re:The Muslim world cares so much for the Palestin (Score 1) 503

@Lowly AC: The "palestinians" are various personae-non-grata deported to the Israel area, from the various local arab governments. Dual benefits (1) an easy way to be rid of those local troublemaking dbags we're so sick of (2) giving the Israelis the headache of these now somehow "indigenous" troublemaking local dbags.

Comment: Re:Eisenhower was right (Score 0) 503

When you have a hammer blah blah blah
When you have a huge military blah blah blah
When you're country is led blah blah blah
When you have a former commando blah blah blah

When your nation is literally surrounded by whipped-up religious fanatics who consider it their righteous duty to kill you and your children as they "take back" your land?
Only a dunce with his head fully in the sand would suggest that Israel has a choice.

Comment: Re:Meta-problem (Score 1) 503

Maybe if you got your information from anything other than the idiot leftist muslim sympathizers on TV you would understand what is ACTUALLY going on, as opposed to the libtard propaganda version.

If you really want something to ponder on: Why do jews vote Democrat, when the Democrats are full-throated enablers of those who readily admit that they want to see Israel destroyed and the Jews dead (muslims).

Comment: Re:Too bad he has no Foreign policy (Score 1) 533

by callmetheraven (#47466397) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate
We Americans need to remember what war is and what it is not. It's not about winning hearts and minds, it's about fragging hearts and minds.
If we kept this in mind we would resume winning wars again ala 1945, but there are too many bleeding heart liberals who couldn't handle this brutal variety of truth. Therefore those who can't handle this sort of truth should STFU re: foreign intervention.

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