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Keynesian nonsense. Real demand is not fuelled by fake money. Fake money only steals and misallocates scarce resources. If the Keynesian nonsensical idiotic moronic irrational ignorant ideas were anywhere near the ballpark even, Zimbabwe would have been the most prosperous country in the world and then every other country that ran its currency into hyperinflationary mode.

Inflation is destructive to the economy, not constructive. The most productive era in USA history was during a slightly deflationary period of time, before IRS and Fed existed. You wouldn't know any of it for a very simple reason: you don't know anything about history whatsoever, public "education", you see.

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the people that believe that are wrong for many reasons. Freedom being one, actually creating a moral hazard is another, eventual destruction of the economy due to government running things into the ground and then requiring more and more taxes and borrowing is third, inflation caused by printing to satisfy all that excessive spending is fourth, just pushing prices up for no reason by destroying normal competitive forces to set up government sponsored monopolies is fifth and I can go on.

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by Penguinisto (#47546395) Attached to: Off the Florida Coast, Astronauts Train For Asteroid Mission

When it's time for an asteroid mission, it will probably be robotic.

Sadly, you're right. The same fuckers that make that decision are probably the same ones who think that artificial insemination is vastly superior to sex. Objectively they'd be right for the purpose of reproduction, but they're still a bunch of heartless assholes for basing public policy on it.

It's amazing how much money NASA can spend not going into space.

Agreed again - open the damn thing to commercial exploitation and see how fast NASA catches up.

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If there is a conspirancy here, it is the conspirancy of stupidity. Every couple of years the government actually posts information about the changes to the inflation calculations and what is counted toward the gdp. If inflation in the 1970s was counted the way it is "counted" today, it would have been negative, yet at the time Nixon imposed price controls to "fight inflation". It was the wrong thing to do, but at least the numbers were not fudged yet. As I said, the measuring stick is changing, yet idiots keep pretending or actually believing that nothing changed. They change definitions and you straight out buy the propaganda. It is actually out in the open, posted for everyone's consumption, but you choose ignorance. See, that is a conspiracy, conspiracg of willful ignorance by denying facts. Now, if you do not actually follow anything, you are not paying attention to the changes in the gdp and inflation accounting, though it is not done in any secrecy whatsoever, then it is a conspiracy of ignorance, but then stop pretending with me here. Use your willful ignorance of the facts, posted, public facts with somebody else, agreed?

There is no productivity increase when you produce nothing that you consume.

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Amount of total dollars in existance does nothing to increase total productivity (well, inflation does cause shift of capital and plenty of misallocation, so the more they print the less productive output is created, but that is beside the main point). Number of dollars is like number of units on a clock or a thermometer face. Sure, you can increase the number used to measure something, you can split anything you are measuring into smaller and smaller units. You can even pretend that the smaller units you are measuring something in have not changed because of that change (inflation) but it does not change the item you are measuring.

So printing a ton more of dollars, you are reducing the size of the unit (dollar) that you are measuring in, but what you are measuring did not change because of it. 100 dollars in existance becomes 10000 dollars in existance by printing (or virtual printing). This does not increase the economy, it only increases prices and shifts purchasing power from those who produced and saved to those who got their hands on the newly printed, counterfeit currency. Inflation is theft, redistribution from the productive and frugal to the unproductive and wasteful.

Real money is created by work, real money measures productive output. Fake money eliminates productivity by misalocating scarce resources, by stealing from the productive and subsidising the wasteful and useless.

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the concept of peering traffic "parity" does not apply to local ISPs connecting to backbone providers.

It always has before.

And Verizon is a backbone provider in their own right, not just a local ISP.

Again I am not sure why I am feeding a troll, but you seem to be in a gang of trolls. So sure... if we were talking about L3 sending data to Verizon that Verizon then had to ship across its own backbone then you would have a point. But in this case L3 is acting as the long haul backbone provider and all Verizon has to do is deliver the packets to the local customers that requested the data. Verizon is already charging its customers for the bandwidth, the only issue here is that they are choosing to not to deliver on that promise in order to try and shake down Netflix and by extension Verizons own customers for more money. This is a fraudulent business practice pure and simple. Enron would be proud.

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To work in manufacturing today it still takes experience, workers must be trained. Productivity of workers is growing in countries where businesses are still manufacturing, mining, producing something.

In USA there are very few jobs in manufacturing. Where people are mining in the USA, the people's wages are higher. However in the service sector the productivity gains are achieved by automating and getting rid of employees. The gains go to those, who are actually productive.

Most importantly, what you are looking at when talking about "productivity gains" is government stats on gdp, these underestimate inflation by a large factor. What is growing is not productivity in most cases but nominal prices due to all the money that is pumped into the system by the Fed. Under these conditions the productivity is falling not growing. Productive people produce, unproductive people print, borrow and run trade deficits that cannt be offset even by pickup in oil mining and exports. USA is even importing coal from Russia today instead of mining enough for itself. 90% of seafood are imports. There is no productivity, the government killed it and turned the entire country into dependents. Independance day? What a joke.

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Netflix has the ability to fix it, though... If their software would tell all the clients to upload random junk to some random Netflix servers (preferably UDP, so the server doesn't even have to really exist), even when idle and not watching videos, they could move Level3's ratios back to even up/down distribution, and really punish the local ISPs who claim they want even up/down peering, at the same time.

Yes, okay. That is a funny thought experiment, but Verizon isn't actually confused about the fact that as a local ISP Verizon customers are the ones actually requesting netflix video so the concept of peering traffic "parity" does not apply to local ISPs connecting to backbone providers.

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