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Comment Re:Thug culture is to blame. (Score 1) 84

You are funny, trying to justify the actions of savages who refuse to take responsibility for themselves and are essentially adult babies throwing a tantrum. No respect for themselves, for others, for rule of law, or their spawn. They are a lost cause

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score -1) 280

Industry is regulated by free market, which is the collective desires of all people only without government supplied violence. Actually I would rather see the life on this plant completely exterminated than enslaved.

I will never stand even for most trivial amount of socialism, which to me is slavery. Not even a trivial amount of slavery, 1% slavery is completely unacceptable as far as I am concerned.

Comment Re:Fun question: (Score 1) 438

Okay, stop tape.

Unless you can point to or create an objective set of criteria for those "negative externalities" and do so in a way that sets an objective price point for them? It's a nice way of saying that pollution sucks, but way too subjective to actually use fairly. I guarantee that if ever put into statute, it would fast become a club with which to punish political enemies and convenient scapegoats.

Besides, who decides what is "energy intensive"? I'm pretty sure the old folks who rely on motorized gear just to stay out of a nursing home, or a crippled kid who relies on power-hungry medical equipment just to stay alive would object to your assessment, no?

Comment Fun question: (Score 0, Offtopic) 438

How the hell much is this going to cost?

Note that cost has many dimensions here:
* taxes
* personal cost of having to replace bits and bobs to meet these efficiency standards
* increases in the power bill


It's nice to promise something, but has anyone run the numbers on cost to individuals and to the economy at large?

Comment Re:And the purpose of this exercise is? (Score 0) 426

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, did you just compare damage to a 'bridge inside borders' to a bridge over the ocean?

Of course, I am not a bridge engineer

- correct.

Large container freighters can be loaded in a port, unloaded in a port half world away in 10 days. Then the existing train / truck network can pick up the containers and move them further.

The only bottleneck there is a port and ports are much easier and faster to build than additional bridges to increase throughput.

And what you say about damage is downright silly, because the same concern applies equally for a bridge inside our borders. In fact, by your standards, the docks where those boats load their cargo should never have been built, because if one of the minimum-wage immigrants carrying cargo on his shoulders out to a small boat in waist-deep water dies of a heart attack

- ha, talk about silly.

A burning bridge stops all cargo from being moved, while a burning ship only stops that ship. Shipping docks are a scalable solution, while a bridge is a fixed throughput solution that cannot be scaled without building a second bridge.

Container ships can be easily redirected where they are needed at the time when they are needed, while a bridge cannot be moved where it is needed.

Also obviously you haven't seen Russian infrastructure, which is nonexistent in that part of the world and beside that there is no American/Canadian infrastructure to use a bridge like that either.

At the end if this project goes ahead it will never be for any economic reasons, only for political ones, so at the end there will be a gigantic price tag on this bridge to nowhere.

Comment Re:Nope... (Score 2) 504

It's painfully obvious, the property owner needs to get a lawyer that can pursue the drone owner for criminal misconduct.

Actually, everyone should take a chill. All the charges should be dropped and these people should just work it out. The neighborly thing to do would have been to tell the neighbor not to fly over his property before shooting it out of the sky or anything like that. I think some partial compensation would be appropriate as a civil matter negotiated between the neighbors or in civil small claims court. The only reason that this is being given any attention is because "drone" has become the catch all word for a bunch of techno paranoia.

Comment Re:And the purpose of this exercise is? (Score 0) 426

You are clearly not taking into account the upfront capital costs and bridge maintenance and repairs and changing political situations. Do that, amortise all those costs (real ones, not fake and improbably low ones) and try to answer the same question. A damaged boat doesn't prevent other boats from moving in the ocean and a boat can be used for other purposes if the political climate shuts down one route.

Comment And the purpose of this exercise is? (Score 0) 426

What are you going to move over that bridge that cannot be moved cheaper by a boat and faster by a plane?

Put a train on that maybe? What happens when a multi megaton train filled with oil (what else)? Goes off the rail there? There has to be an economic reason for anything like this, not a political one, because if it is all politics, it will be the most epic bridge to nowhere.

Come up with an economically sound reason first, before coming up with a solution like that.

Comment Re:Time to worry? Not yet... (Score 2) 234

Isn't the whole point that WE are effectively that program.

We are getting closer and closer to being able to write something more intelligent than ourselves, make sure it's working properly, and then letting it loose.

The concern is that this might only happen once...

Comment A related question.. (Score 1) 476

for you technologically superior folk..

"Can I completely gut Windows 10 so that it basically just functions like Windows 7 with DX12?"

I own one Windows box. with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit running on it. It is used for exactly 3 things.. Playing Minecraft, and playing various Steam games. Also occasionally downloading mods for those various games from one or two very specific trusted websites.

I have an older box running Arch for everything *else* I want to do, because I'm not stupid enough to trust Microsoft with anything that might potentially have importance.

In the past, before I took the leap into Linux, Whenever I would set up a Windows box, I'd always pop into services.msc and disable a crapload of services.. usually using Blackviper's service guides.. And IE would only get used once to download a real browser, which I would then kit out with adblock and noscript plugins before doing anything else.

And this generally seemed to work pretty well. Even with no always-on antivirus, no security updates (I'd disable Windows Update completely), shut down windows managed firewalls and not replace them... all the things you're generally "not supposed to do".. I'd very rarely run into any kind of problem. (The exceptions being when I'd do something deliberately stupid and risky, fully knowing I shouldn't.. just because my brain went dead for a brief time.)

I found once you gut most of Windows, the security risks drop dramatically. More than enough for me to find tolerable for a dedicated game machine, anyway..

With Windows 10 being the obvious transition to "Software as a Service so we can just keep billing you for renting our product".. (which is where I forsee this going, ultimately..) is it still "old Windows" enough that it can be properly gutted?

I have no use for a sexualized version of Clippy... I have no use for "Edge". I have no use for really any "feature" of Windows 10 besides DX12. And I have a lot of reluctance about some of the features, even when it's only on a machine I use to play some games. So, to free up system resources.. I'd like to rip all that stuff out.. or at least permanently disable it.

Anybody tried playing around with that sort of approach to see if it is still doable? Like disabling Windows Update entirely?

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