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Comment I am curious about one thing... (Score 1) 46

...what was the business case for writing a library set for some very limited conditions?

I mean, yeah, I guess it would be kind of cool to run Windows x86 binaries on certain models of smartphone and all, but honestly, under what conditions did they think this would be useful (beyond the obvious 'gee whiz' factor)?

Mind, I'm not normally one to go reaching for business justifications and such, but I can't shake the feeling that they did this to, well, stay relevant. These days, if there's an application that I really need that only runs on Windows, I either find a workaround, or fire up a VM (viz. VirtualBox) and do whatever it is I needed to do with that application.

There was once a time where something like this was IMHO desperately needed (I'm talking long ago, back when Win4Lin was a thing), but nowadays? I just don't see it...

Comment Re:reLOCATES the heatsink and fans (Score 1) 34

True indeed... but then, you can pipe it off to a heatsink sitting off to the side (meaning you can make the overall device thinner), and the closer proximity betwixt fluid and heat source means that you don't need as large of a heatsink (mostly because you're not waiting for a relatively large amount of heat to work its way out past the packaging.)

Comment Re:improve the world by gutting jobs? (Score 1) 66

It is to the point where some small towns will give away houses to young families willing to come to the country side to live and work.

Apropos of nothing, I would be totally down with filling one of those slots... but I suspect that as a gaijin, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score -1) 198

I am against every form of government meddling in any form of business and individual lives of people. So I am partially for this deal, I am against the parts of it that strengthen 'intellectual property rights' nonsense. I am for removing government regulations from everything, so I am for this deal whenever any form of government power is reduced.

Comment Re:Decline of Soda?, Two words.. (Score 1) 559

My favorite nutjobs are those that are scared of HFCS. It's glucose bound to fructose. Your body processes it into... glucose and fructose.

You get into trouble when you take in too much of it, in the *exact* same way you'd get into trouble if you sat there and ate handfuls of cane sugar every day.

Just eat less of the stuff. A coke every now and then won't kill you.

Comment balloon probe of venus (Score 4, Interesting) 47

The one mission I think could be really excellent would be an atmospheric probe of Venus that could float around the upper atmosphere where it is at a pressure nearly equivalent to earth. So far most probes haven't lasted very long, so it would be an engineering challenge with the potential to send back some really amazing images from the cloud layer. And forget mars, venus is the most promising place in the Solar System for its terraforming and habitability potential, *all you need to do* is remove enough Carbon from the atmosphere and you end up with plenty of oxygen. An airship could explore, take samples and test a CO2 converter. Heck just throw a plant on there and see if you can keep it alive.

Comment Re:You know what's wrong with the world? (Score 1) 162

quite right, the systems that handle your money, insurance, communications, inventories of things your buy, are all admined by rooms of people either clicking and pointing on GUIs or moving holograms in the air with finger gestures or speaking into microphone.

Bwhahahaha, you are one ignorant fuck

Machines have less problems. I'd like to be a machine. -- Andy Warhol