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Comment: Re:Why doesn't china standardize on FOSS? (Score 1) 313

by caller9 (#34961696) Attached to: Ballmer Says 90% of Chinese Users Pirate Software
I know what you wanted to say, but for China Windows has been open source since 2003.

In fact according to the article, Windows is open source to China among other governments BECAUSE Linux is open source and they were going to switch.

So when the first real cyber warfare starts happening (Ghostnet, Stuxnet are two that we know about). You'll know its Microsoft greed and our dependence on Microsoft that lost it for us. Selective open sourcing where none of the white-hats that aren't on the MS payroll get to see the code while nations that, at the very least, want to build an arsenal against it do see the code is worse than closed source.

Comment: Re:Windows gave control, Android takes it away (Score 2) 424

by caller9 (#34630942) Attached to: Why Android Is the New Windows
On Android, without rooting it or installing iTunes you can backup and install .apk files using a file explorer. The only "in the cloud" part is if the developer uses Google's version of DRM via the Market app. As long as you paid for the app, it doesn't care what version it is, so this too is no problem. So without being anchored to the iTunes monolith you can do this version management on the phone in the middle of nowhere.

Comment: Re:why does the picture in the article look like (Score 1) 257

by caller9 (#34101512) Attached to: Car Produced With a 3D Printer
Thats because it is one. Real picture of a 1/6 scale model according to the article, and they have an actual video of the prototype driving around without a body shell. The body appears to flip up with a seam around the driver area over the front wheel wells. Hinges on the front of the body? Or maybe hinges mid-body but that means you can't open it in your garage and some parking garages without scraping ceiling/garage door.

Comment: Re:FTL Information? (Score 1) 236

by caller9 (#30827158) Attached to: FTL Currents May Power Pulsar Beams

(even if "rebel" may be the wrong word).

I'm betting "leave the planet" is the proper idea. I always imagine that shortly after the singularity, a sentient computer would get the hell off the planet pretty quick and probably just avoid us like the plague. We wouldn't really have the ability to give chase even in our own solar system.

That is unless the first AI is made by painstakingly simulating the human brain...Then yeah, we're screwed.

Comment: Re:a complex question with no single correct answe (Score 1) 395

by caller9 (#30803836) Attached to: Truth Or Dare — What Is the Best US Cell Company?

This guy nailed it.

As far as buying unlocked phones, I haven't seen a setup where they have a non subsidized billing rate. You get out of the two year contract/early termination but it isn't like they have an unlocked phone rate. You still pay for the handset subsidy whether or not you need it. So yeah if you like giving extra money to the phone company, by all means, buy an unlocked phone and pay their unlimited data plan rate.

Comment: Re:10 hex is 16 decimal (Score 1) 340

by caller9 (#30645246) Attached to: 2016 Bug Hits Text Messages, Payment Processing

It is 160 characters because of one guy and his typewriter in 1985.

"Alone in a room in his home in Bonn, Germany, Friedhelm Hillebrand sat at his typewriter, tapping out random sentences and questions on a sheet of paper.

As he went along, Hillebrand counted the number of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and spaces on the page. Each blurb ran on for a line or two and nearly always clocked in under 160 characters."

Comment: Re:That's great, but... (Score 1) 464

by caller9 (#30138738) Attached to: The Jet Fighter Laser Cannon

TFA is just speculating a linear scale down to handheld and shark-mounted lasers as a joke. Pretty funny too.

The goal weapon is 150kW which will put out the .50s 17kJ in about .11 seconds.

Nothing mentions the diameter or frequency of the beam used, but as another person alluded exposed human parts would explosively vaporize, metal would melt, and clothing would ignite(sufficient to stop combatant) pretty quickly.

36.6C, 40kg body water raised to boiling 63.4 degrees.

40kg * 63.4C * 4.18kJ/(kg * C) / 150 kW = 70.7 seconds to boil a 40kg person.

But that isn't how it works, it's focused on say 20 cc of water. .02kg * 63.4C * 4.18kJ/(kg * C) / 150 kW = .035 seconds. So 20cc * 1700 = 34000cc BOOM!*+63.4C+*+4.18kJ%2F(kg+*+C)+%2F+150+kW

So (according to wolfram alpha between .4 to .7 of a "blink of an eye" 20cc of water turns to 34000cc of steam with what was a part of your body...and nobody said they turn the beam of here.

That probably over-simplifies how the energy would be converted and propagate through tissue, but who knows the frequency or diameter of the beam?

Comment: Re:Is a comparison to bullets apt? (Score 1) 464

by caller9 (#30138400) Attached to: The Jet Fighter Laser Cannon

I agree it could be more powerful, but I thought the point of lasers was silence, precision, very little splash damage, and light speed travel to the target. Bullets are way slower than light, more adversely affected by wind, windows, etc. The use for this would probably be sniping guys with guns off a mosque with a drone instead of blowing up all their civilian shields and getting on the news.

Slightly more info and likely a big part of TFA's source:

heh, captcha is ablation ;)

Comment: Re:Security through Obscurity? (Score 1) 595

by caller9 (#29061713) Attached to: Local Privilege Escalation On All Linux Kernels

Ditto shorter resolution. Also, if you had a skilled staff, you fix it yourself.

How many MS ATL apps are you running that are hackable?

How many vendors can update their product on your box without you running a separate update "daemon" in your HKLM/Software/Windows/Run key. Which shouldn't really even work anyway if your smart enough to leave your users out of the admin role. They aren't exactly benifiting from that WSUS server either.

Hell MS released a metric shit-ton of updates. How many MS ATL/Visual C++ apps are now hosed? You will never know, by design.

Comment: Twitter anyone (Score 1) 480

by caller9 (#28951263) Attached to: Can We Abandon Confidentiality For Google Apps?

Nobody mentioned twitter?

LOTS of lead-in on that. Long story short: Password recovery email sent to abandoned and thus recycled and avaiable hotmail account. Register hotmail account, send recovery email. Use gmail account to do password resets all over the damn place.

Google docs & everything Google was done on the first step.

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