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Comment: Re:Sierra come to mind way before LucasArt. (Score 1) 285

by calgar99 (#43391411) Attached to: Why Are We Still Talking About LucasArts' Old Adventure Games?

Sierra is spash screen that come to mind way before LucasArt... LucasArt is burn in my memory because it was the first game (X-Wing) that I saw on a 2X CD-Rom computer in a store... But Sierra is the compagny that made most of the adventure game I played.

This exactly. X-Wing was a great game (how many 3.5" floppies did it have?). I was also uber impressed by the cut scenes with voiced dialog. And then to hear the soundtrack (with gameplay-matched music) on my friend's PC with wavetable synth... oh, it was glorious! And yet, when I pull out DOSBox, I'm not playing X-Wing (who wants to calibrate an old analog joystick?). I'm playing any of the Sierra quest-series games, or Leisure Suit Larry. (Plug for LSL: Reloaded! I can't wait!)

Comment: iLO (Score 1) 418

by calgar99 (#43083949) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Best To Set Up a Parent's PC?
I would be interested in how to manage a PC remotely including remote BIOS and booting remotely into a PBE or utility partition etc. Is there any reasonably priced hardware/device/software that works like HP iLO for servers? Even spiffier would be to boot off a remote USB flash drive or MinWin, etc. Just as OP said, removing viruses remotely when in-session AV fails to do the job is the #1 reason that forces me to do an in home visit. (FWIW, my mother runs as a standard user on her PC, and I use LogMeIn Free to manage it when necessary with my own login. Works reasonably well.)

Comment: Purpose? (Score 1) 341

Rather than Google "whole house surge protection" and read through many advertisements masquerading as facts, can someone just tell me the true purpose of whole house surge protection? If you still need local surge protectors, what is the whole house unit doing? Taking more of the blow from large spikes like lightning? Do they help keep a house from exploding? (I'm asking because I don't know. While my post won't help subby, I'm hoping good responses to this question may help lots of people.)

Comment: Re:What is the matter with car companies (Score 1) 218

by calgar99 (#39493001) Attached to: A Hybrid Car With Detachable Engine Proposed
Right, and if you drive 20+ miles gas-free each day, then you're getting more than 375 miles per tank. People forget that 375 is the total of one non-stop drive from fully topped off to fully emptied.

If you get on the freeway and keep the car going 80+ mph for 20 miles then you will get something less than the EPA estimated 35 miles per charge.

If you're driving 80 MPH and you drive 80 miles, how long will it take you? (Sorry, had to!)

Comment: Volt, w/ smaller engine, bigger battery? (Score 1) 218

by calgar99 (#39492939) Attached to: A Hybrid Car With Detachable Engine Proposed
I'm not sure if this is what you're describing, but what would happen if you did such a thing to the Volt: put in a tiny little gas/diesel engine instead of its comparatively larger one... and make the battery pack bigger? Have the engine kick in when batteries hit 50%. I'm guessing that if you go too small with the gas engine, your driving would outpace the recoup from the gas engine. But... would that be a big deal? So what, you'd have gas left in your tank and you can't drive... ultimately you'd get less than 375 miles per single road trip... but you'd get a heck of a lot more distance than 35 miles, right? (Anyone good at math able to figure out a sweet spot?)

Comment: Re:Don't take the job then. (Score 1) 396

by calgar99 (#39474099) Attached to: Senators Ask Feds To Probe Facebook Log-in Requests

If you don't want to hand over that information, then don't. If employers hear this enough, then maybe they will start to smarten up.

Not a fan of this approach. There will always be enough people stupid/desperate enough to do such things. Then it will become standard/mandatory practice.

Comment: Possible Limits (Score 1) 64

by calgar99 (#39432429) Attached to: Camera Can See Around Corners
At least initially, I feel like that won't work unless you already know what the lack-of-object-around-corner returns are. In other words, if you haven't already taken a "picture" of this corner without someone or something in it, it won't do you any good. You won't be able to take a device with you to an unknown location and expect to see what's around the corner. And if you have time to set this up before something goes wrong, why not just put a camera around the corner? :)

Comment: Question Re: 4G (Score 1) 281

by calgar99 (#38963219) Attached to: 4G Phones Are Really Fast — At Draining Batteries
Without reading TFA, can someone simply tell me whether battery life is poor exclusively because 4G service is spotty, or if "full signal" 4G is still more power hungry than 3G. If it's both (as it probably is), can someone tell me which is the primary reason for 4G battery suckage? One more question... if 4G is actually a bigger drain regardless of coverage, is there anything that can be done with the technology (4G revision 2 phones, a software update, etc.), or will we need to wait for improved battery capacity or 5G before we see the problem resolved?

Comment: Re:Choice of beer (Score 1) 229

by calgar99 (#37361864) Attached to: Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Using Only a Beer Can
Having recently gone on an Anheuser-Busch tour, here's the scoop: Anheuser-Busch manufactures and distributes Budweiser. Stella is distributed by InBev. InBev recently bought Anheuser-Busch and operates Anheuser-Busch as a subsidiary. But, true, no matter how you dice it, they're both similar beers on par with each other. I happen to like simple beers, though.

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