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Comment: Re:Brilliant idea (Score 2) 480

by caknuckle (#42627397) Attached to: Google Declares War On the Password

I have 20+ login passwords between work and home, my security is lower because you have to simplify them to remember them

Have you tried using LastPass? You only have to remember 1 secure password (as complex as you want it to be) and LastPass remembers the rest for you. It also significantly reduces time logging into sites by filling the logins for you. I use this every day and don't want to remember what life was like without it.

Comment: Re:Not the cause.. (Score 2) 1168

by caknuckle (#42340935) Attached to: School Shooting Prompts Legislation To Study Violent Video Games

Look at China, they've got some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. They've got censorship of nearly everything and yet this happens

You conveniently left this out: Seven of the students, aged between six and 12 years old, were taken to hospital, some with severed fingers and ears

So....NONE of the children died. There's the big difference. If Lanza walks in with a knife, he does considerably less damage. You'll probably then argue that he could make bomb(s). If, and if he walks in with a pipe bomb (he first would've had to detonate one to get through the locked doors he shot through), someone has a real chance of subduing him before he gets more than one bomb detonated. Also, there's several examples of kids getting busted trying to build the pipe flags go up when you start buying the materials necessary to do that, and parent/neighbor might question why you have bomb-making material in the garage. So yes, limiting access to guns is PART of the answer.

Comment: Re:My idea for preventing this from happening agai (Score 1) 1719

by caknuckle (#42318301) Attached to: Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage

I personally recommend building gated doors that automatically drop down when a gunshot is detected by omni-mics placed throughout schools.

Whats to say you aren't locking the kids INSIDE with the shooter. This is an utterly terrible idea. You effectively prevent the best means of survival (escape).

Comment: Re:Know what would really make sense? (Score 1) 342

by caknuckle (#42184725) Attached to: Cops To Congress: We Need Logs of Americans' Text Messages

Why not require cops to put video/audio recorders in all their cars and require them to keep the tapes for 2 years. Make any missing tape a felony so that the incentive to "lose" them disappears. That would do more to make our country a better place than keeping SMS messages.

More than likely this will increase minor traffic violation tickets as police immediately can not let you go with "just a warning" in fear of reprimand. Double-edged sword here.

Comment: Vaccine = No Autism, but Vaccine != No risk (Score 1) 858

by caknuckle (#42182923) Attached to: Congressional Committee Casts a Harsh Eye On Vaccination Science
It really bothers me that the argument is either Autism, or no Autism, because there is a lot more to this. Vaccines still carry a potential risk, and there's plenty of evidence to support this. The mere fact there's a Vaccine Adverse Event Database shows children are being hurt by vaccines.

There are a large number of anti-vacciners (who are intelligent people btw) who simply don't want to take the risk associated with the current multiple vaccine schedule as laid out by the medical community. Some choose to vaccinate on their own schedule i.e. using the multiple vaccines at once approach, or simply not at all. It's a risk either way and I hope people simply do a bit of research either way before deciding.

I'm also very surprised that the majority of /.ers are for blindly trusting government to tell us when, why and how to protect our kids. When they come out and start vaccinating for chicken pox, the common cold, ADHD..will these people blindly follow as well?

Comment: Next logical step is to segregate.... (Score 1) 622

by caknuckle (#41972987) Attached to: With NCLB Waiver, Virginia Sorts Kids' Scores By Race
... those groups into separate classrooms, with separate teaching styles and paces. And furthermore, to reduce costs for school boards, you could segregate the schools themselves based off those groups to reduce costs and centralize materials and teaching skillsets...problem solved. Oh...I see what I did there...nevermind.

Comment: Re:Embarassing day for whites (Score 1) 622

by caknuckle (#41972771) Attached to: With NCLB Waiver, Virginia Sorts Kids' Scores By Race

To what purpose?

Because it's inferior, and the rest of the world uses metric. The US is the only industrialized nation that does not mainly use the metric system

Everyone in the world calls it a Nozzle, but by golly we're gunna call it a Duck because my grand-pappy called it a duck, and his grand-pappy before him! ......Dangnammit! Just another example of why the rest of the world hates Americans.

No amount of careful planning will ever replace dumb luck.