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Submission + - Australia Considering P2P 'Three Strikes' Law->

caitsith01 writes: "ITNews reports that Australia's ever-unpopular Minister for Communications, Senator Stephen Conroy, has foreshadowed new action by the Australian Government to crack down on illegal file sharing under the guise of promoting the digital economy. Options apparently being considered include the controversial and previously reported French three-strikes approach and an approach which sounds suspiciously like New Zealand's even more dubious guilty-upon-accusation approach to filesharing. Needless to say, although the Government is consulting with "representatives of both copyright owners and the Internet industry in an effort to reach an industry-led consensus on an effective solution", arguably the most significant group — ordinary Internet users — are not being consulted.

Senator Conroy is of course the man behind the crusade to 'protect' Australians from the horrors of the Internet with a mandatory, government-run blacklist, an effort which recently earned him the title of Internet Villain of the Year for 2009."

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Submission + - Buying a new laptop without Vista? 1 1

caitsith01 writes: "I'm in the market for a new laptop, and it seems that almost overnight all major manufacturers have stopped offering Windows XP as an option and now only offer Vista. As I will be running XP and Linux no matter what, I strongly object to paying for Vista. Where can I find a quality laptop that comes with XP as its default OS? Please note that for a variety of reasons (games, price-performance, lock-in, natural aversion to zealotry) I am not interested in buying a Mac. I am also in the 'rest of world' category, so I can't take advantage of Dell's U.S.-only policy of offering greater choice in operating systems.

Alternatively, can anyone provide an update on the possibility of getting a refund for an unused copy of Vista?"

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