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Comment: Apple also attempting to strip music from YouTube (Score 5, Informative) 47

by cahuenga (#49630173) Attached to: Apple Gets Antitrust Scrutiny Over Music Deals
"Sources also indicated that Apple offered to pay YouTube’s music licensing fee to Universal Music Group if the label stopped allowing its songs on YouTube. Apple is seemingly trying to clear a path before its streaming service launches, which is expected to debut at WWDC in June. If Apple convinces the labels to stop licensing freemium services from Spotify and YouTube, it could take out a significant portion of business from its two largest music competitors."

Comment: It's called 'Upcoding' (Score 5, Informative) 532

by cahuenga (#49629151) Attached to: The Medical Bill Mystery
A couple years ago i had a 'scope ACL reconstruction from a volleyball injury. The MRI showed a clean break and undamaged meniscus, and after surgery the doc said the meniscus was clean, so great..... Then the bill. Right at the top there was a $5000+ charge for a meniscectomy. When I inquired about the charge the doc said he saw a 'frayed edge" while he was in there and trimmed it off. Insurance codes make no distinction between a quick trim and a complete radical reconstruction. So, no doubt he trims every patient. So to speak.

Comment: Re:Law of supply and demand (Score 4, Insightful) 285

Exactly. People seem to forget that labor is also a market. If people are unwilling to perform the job at a given pay rate, then the rate is then too low and must be adjusted.

For some reason we have allowed the creation of a permanent immigrant underclass in the US and convinced ourselves that no one else here is willing to do the job. Horseshit. No one is willing to do it at the artificially low wage that agribusiness wishes to pay. Supply and demand has been legislated out of the equation and has flipped the labor market upside down.

Comment: Obligatory Vonnegut Quote (Score 0) 385

by cahuenga (#49500271) Attached to: Can High Intelligence Be a Burden Rather Than a Boon?
Just about every adult human being back then had a brain weighing about three kilogrammes! There was no end to the evil schemes that a thought machine that oversized couldn't imagine and execute.

So I raise this question, although there is nobody around to answer it: Can it be doubted that three-kilogramme brains were once nearly fatal defects in the evolution of the human race?”

~ Kurt Vonnegut, Galápagos

Comment: Re:No it doesn't. (Score 2) 609

by cahuenga (#49232823) Attached to: Clinton Regrets, But Defends, Use of Family Email Server
"Stop being such shills and realize that if you accept this then the republicans are going to start doing it"

This practice first came to light in the Bush administration, where official email was found to be routed through Republican National Committee servers:

I assumed Hillary was just taking notes from the Bushies. Besides, it's quite common now, all the cool kids are doing it. I know Governor Jeb's email was on a private server. I believe Walker's were too.

Comment: Re:As if SMTP were ever secure... (Score 5, Insightful) 609

by cahuenga (#49232661) Attached to: Clinton Regrets, But Defends, Use of Family Email Server
Then call it an ethical dilemma

Hillary was a Senator, front-row during the Bush Email Fiasco. She knew what was expected and knew it was a liability should it become public. She was also fully aware of the advantages as a future candidate for higher office – Namely, sanitizing rights to her official record if needed.

Comment: Clearly a non-coder (Score 1) 161

by cahuenga (#49207001) Attached to: Why It's Almost Impossible To Teach a Robot To Do Your Laundry
The programs that control those robots’ actions rely upon simple “if this, then that” logic—if you pull the handle, the door opens, and you can move on to the next task. But what happens if you pull the handle and the door doesn't open?

The function returns "false" and it calls a maintenance-bot. Just like we do.

Comment: Re:Is that really a lot? (Score 1) 280

by cahuenga (#49142181) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average
Labor is supposed to behave as a market, just as goods do. Labor decides whether a particular job is properly priced, considering labor and skill. If not, the job goes unfilled until wages raise to a level someone feels is appropriate.

Today we have jobs with wages that will never reach a level acceptable to legal citizens because a permanent underclass of illegals and ag workers has been created, suppressing wages in agriculture and now in the construction industry. We tell ourselves that Americans won't take those jobs because wages are too low - This is by design.

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