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Comment Re:It is because islam is intolerant (Score 1) 686 686

Well, exactly. My point wasn't that the church was a bastion of tolerance. Rather, I was disputing the claims that 'It took several hundred years of wars to get the Catholic Church under control' and 'We might have had the Industrial Revolution a thousand years earlier without it', neither of which have a basis in fact.

In fact, technology developed faster in medieval Europe than in most other areas, and it developed the fastest during the crusades, when military technology had to evolve in response to the tactics employed by one's enemies.

The Galileo affair was a blip on the radar, albeit an important one for symbolic reasons. In the end, Galileo's views prevailed, and the church did not go an anti-technology rampage (instead, it went on an anti-witch and anti-heretic rampage).

My major point is that if we want to criticize the church, it must be on a factual basis. It would be tragic if the 'Net brought about a new dark ages in which people believe and repeat unfounded claims just because they read someone's website.

Supercomputer Models Sun's Corona Dynamics 105 105

gihan_ripper writes "Researchers from San Diego are using supercomputers to accurately predict the shape of the Sun's corona, based on magnetic field data from the photosphere. It is hoped that this model will enable us to predict Coronal Mass Ejections. When CMEs reach the Earth, they produce geomagnetic storms and can wreak havoc with communcations, GPS, and power networks. In the decade or so, the researchers hope to be able to predict CME collisions with the Earth and determine their impact."
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Journal Journal: Raising Monarchs 1 1

Sorry, not the ruling kind. The Monarch (Danaus plexippus) is the well-known butterfly.

A lovely Monarch female came and laid a few eggs on some milkweed in my garden. Now I have an egg and two caterpillars that I'm watching. More details to come, and maybe some pics if I can find a way to do it.

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Journal Journal: Re: DSL connection

Never bothered to update the journal record, but this might actually help someone. Turns out that a source of EM waves near the DSL modem can progressively cripple the modem (until it's turned off and reset). Solution: modem on floor, monitor on desk. Problem solved. Only one of three Verizon employees was able to come up with a diagnosis and solution, though ...
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Journal Journal: DSL ennui

Trying to get Verizon DSL to work at our house. Connection is flaky; filters haven't helped. Verizon support staff is pretty good, though. It's taking forever to find the problem. Bleah. So what do I do when bored at the terminal? Try to figure out the journal features on /. *sigh*

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