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Comment Re:Big Sister is watching (Score 1) 764

If your whole raison d'etre is being offended, you will find something to be offended about.

And even if it isn't, your complaint can still be dismissed by assuming it is. Since that's the path of least effort, even otherwise decent people might be tempted to take it on insuffcient evidence. And once taken, it becomes ever more difficult to give up without looking like a fool, hence a 700-comment thread about how changing a file extension is the way to 1984.

Comment Re:Vandals (Score 1) 518

Do you really want to live in a country where people get jailed for scratching a paint job on a car?

If it is my property they are vandalizing then yes I would like them to see a brief time behind bars.

Of course you would. Anyone would. But that's not what I asked.

Clearly that is someone who lacks the maturity to live in a civilized society.

Perhaps, but - and I don't mean this as an insult - so do you. After all, if you vote according to the preferences you've stated here, you'll end up voting in a police state, which tend to be rather uncivilized.

Living in a civilized society requires enough maturity to put anger, fear and the desire to get even aside, and consider the consequences.

Comment Re:Polite request (Score 1) 618

The Supreme Court actually got this ruling right. Otherwise, the police would be responsible for each and every murder (or other crime) that occurred since they obviously weren't there to stop it.

Um... but they ARE supposed to respond, and when they get there they ARE supposed to try to help. I don't know how anyone can plausibly argue for gun control of any kind in this country when we're clearly on our own to defend ourselves. Because if the police can't protect us, who will?

Comment Re:Hipsters fight over limited supplies of juice (Score 1) 518

Why are they giving away the electricity? Is it difficult to meter or something?

If you're charging for electricity, that means you're selling electricity and need a meter certified to be accurate and tamper-proof by either you or your customer. Also, since we're talking about parking spots rather than houses, you need identity verification infrastructure and some way to keep some third party from simply unplugging the cord and plugging in their own extension one.

Once money enters, trust leaves, and expenses start piling up.

Comment Re:What the fuck (Score 1) 764

is happening to the population of this planet?

Certain accidents of evolution are being forced out of the human noosphere. Like all its products, they too try to fight back, mainly by manipulating their hosts, to no avail it seems. Good riddance to such memetic parasites.

Comment Re:Big Sister is watching (Score 4, Insightful) 764

Seriously, when they start complaining about files extensions, my response is simply, "FUCK OFF!"

But nobody except the HR cares about your response. After all, this is a corporate-backed project, so what matters is the response of your corporate patron, in this case Google. Which, apparently, cares more about getting things done than defending some arbitrary line in sand.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 140

So far they have not managed to kill all of humanity, but they will keep trying until they succeed.

Do you actually believe this, in which case you're insane, or are you simply lying about other people to make yourself seem better?

I hope that some day we can screen for this type of evil early on and can drown them a birth.

So killing children is awesome when it advances your political goals. But then what ground do you have to call other people evil for killing people accidentally?

Seriously, can't you just watch wrestling or something for this sort of thing, and come discuss serious matters when your tribal instincts have been satisfied?

Comment Re:Survey bias (Score 1) 140

The lies of the nuclear-apologists are really staggering and so is their stupidity...

Perhaps. And perhaps the Anonymous Coward you're answering is pro-nuclear. We don't know, since he only made a comment on methodology. What we do know is that you're following a tribal politics approach to engineering decisions, which will most certainly result in lots people getting hurt needlessly, either directly or through economic consequences.

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