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Comment: Try unicornmedia (Score 1) 227

by caffeinatedOnline (#24880683) Attached to: Best Way To Distribute Video Online?
Shameless plug, but check out They will take content, transcode it to near lossless h.264 quality, and host it on their site for free. As the content owner, you are given the opportunity to place ads, which you get a percentage from. They launch a new front end next month designed entirely in Flex, so as long as the client has Flash, it will play.

+ - Nokia to Launch New N-Gage this Fall

Submitted by
njkid1 writes "Ah, and all the memories of tacos and side-talkin' are flooding back in. A report in a Nokia sponsored blog has revealed that the company is indeed planning on introducing new N-Gage technology later this year, and they've already got support from two major publishers. 6&ncid=AOLGAM000500000000005"

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