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+ - What is the best way to WoW Buy Gold?->

wowgoldreviews writes: Reaching WoW Gold cap is getting more difficult since last major update and now reaches to almost 1 million. There are lots of ways to earn gold thru farming and crafting but this task is boring and repetitive. I do recommend the best way and most convenient way to reach gold cap is thru buying WoW gold.
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US Embassy Categorizes Beijing Air Quality As 'Crazy Bad' 270 270

digitaldc writes "Pollution in Beijing was so bad Friday the US embassy, which has been independently monitoring air quality, ran out of conventional adjectives to describe it, at one point saying it was 'crazy bad.' The embassy later deleted the phrase, saying it was an 'incorrect' description and it would revise the language to use when the air quality index goes above 500, its highest point and a level considered hazardous for all people by US standards. The hazardous haze has forced schools to stop outdoor exercises, and health experts asked residents, especially those with respiratory problems, the elderly and children, to stay indoors."

Comment: One reason why I've burnt this on a DVD (Score 1) 156 156

Is that is comes with LXDE as one of the desktop environment options. My system is taking 90mb of ram with nothing running while using LXDE. Also it comes with the virtualbox drivers and kernel modules. I can enable seamless mode in virtualbox without installing the guest additions.

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