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Comment: Re:The real problem... (Score 1) 123

by cacba (#34908732) Attached to: Threat of Cyberwar Is Over-Hyped
I disagree, viruses infiltrating enemy electronics can have a very similar affect to human infiltrating enemy structures. A few similar capabilities are sabotaging production and leaking information. They are also similar in that it is difficult to prove who controls them. Cyberwar may be a silly name but it is correct in the characterization. It is a new domain and because it hasnt seen many important attacks is struggling to be separated from its lone hacker past.

Comment: Re:I realize this will harm my "Karma". (Score 1) 783

by cacba (#34905438) Attached to: Wikileaks To Name Swiss Bank Tax Evaders

There are two distinctions.

One: Google is working within the laws though abusing their intent. Hiding money and ignoring local laws (ie declaring any amount above $100k that is outside the country) is illegal. One is a problem with the system, the other is ignoring the system.

Two: Elected officials have more trust placed in them then a private corporation and need to be judged to a higher standard.

Comment: Re:You know that Internet 2 that everyone wanted? (Score 1) 120

by cacba (#34765976) Attached to: Smart Grid Brings Powerline Broadband Back?
The problem is a lack of competition. When ISPs can act like monopolies they will maximize profits and charge each customer what they are willing to pay. Netflix who needs the internet and is making gobs of money can be held for ransom. Yahoo on the other hand can be given it at near cost. Now thats innovation.

Comment: Re:Duh... (Score 1) 312

by cacba (#34612856) Attached to: Nigerian Email Scam Victim Sues Bank, Loses Appeal

The check has cleared, yep thats final clearance as well. Double secret final clearance, well now that you ask there seems to be a 3 week hold on the check for irregularities.

This issue goes beyond Nigerian scam, a paypal payment can appear in your account but later be reversed days afterwards. How many ebay sellers wait a week to ship after payment? Certainly not me.

Comment: Re:beta Apples to outdated Oranges (Score 1) 205

by cacba (#34570702) Attached to: NSS Labs Browser Report Says IE Is the Best, Google Disagrees

The study used IE 8, IE 9 (beta), Chrome 6. IE 8 still performed orders of magnitude better than chrome 6. That is stable to stable, apples to apples.

Studies take time. I doubt chrome has radically changed their social security in the last three months and neglected to say anything. GDP statistics take months to produce, yet they are extremely useful.

I am skeptical of this study, but not for your reasons

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