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Comment Re:Is this a good idea? (Score 1) 186

I would think the biggest weakness from the get go is that they have the tech to come here, not the other way around. They know it and you know it. I would discourage to make yourself 'look bigger, meaner or scarier than you actually are' lest you wish the resolve the first contact situation with minus 1 planet.

Comment Angular (Score 2) 104

Nope, not after AngularJs you don't. Not another framework needed. After huge loads of jquery before I ever knew what a client-side architecture was, and then knockout and backbone. I found my home with Angular. I know that will be developed and fine-grained further by both professionals AND the community.

And it already kicks ass. Pretty sweet...

Comment Like swimming (Score 1) 293

I believe two things should be just as important as swimming lessons for kids: coding and judo. Judo because it challenges them physically, improves their confidence and helps them recognize conflicts. Coding because it helps their creativity and computer literacy. In a perfect world, everyone eventually learns how to automate their tasks (or at least to some degree). My two cents though.

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