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Comment: Re:Wishfull thinking (Score 2) 209

by cababunga (#39113349) Attached to: Apache 2.4 Takes Direct Aim At Nginx
There, in fact, is a very good reason for that. The very fundamental architectural decision (although very common in those ancient times) of spawning one thread/process per client connection has to be changed first, before Apache can take on Nginx. That means complete rewrite; and result will not be Apache anymore.

Comment: Re:Good grief. Religious zealots really annoy me. (Score 1) 356

by cababunga (#38910599) Attached to: Is the Earth Gaining Or Losing Mass?
You have it all inside out. You can't have your mass converted into energy and still have your mass. Maybe it's not very obvious in case of the whole planet, but take this elementary example. Annihilation of electron and positron creates pair of gamma photons. That is electron and positron disappear and two gamma photons with total energy equal to mass equivalent of the original electron/positron pair appear. As you probably know, photons have mass 0.

Comment: Re:Why so angry? (Score 4, Informative) 119

by cababunga (#38476974) Attached to: Russia Botches Another Rocket Launch
Found it here:

The actual total cost of the shuttle program through 2011, adjusted for inflation, is $196 billion.[5] The exact breakdown into non-recurring and recurring costs is not available, but, according to NASA, the average cost to launch a Space Shuttle as of 2011 is about $450 million per mission.

And here:

Q. How much does it cost to launch a Space Shuttle? A. The average cost to launch a Space Shuttle is about $450 million per mission.

In other words this five year agreement costs about as much as three Shuttle launches.

Comment: Re:That was a terrible article (Score 1) 326

by cababunga (#38208346) Attached to: Physicist Uses Laser Light As Fast, True-Random Number Generator
That's because you are not concentrating in important things. They use laser! Anything done with a laser has to be awesome. And combine that with diamonds... Lasers and diamonds!! But that's not all. There is also "laser light that emerge from this mysterious transformation". Lasers, diamonds and mystery. What not to like?

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