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Comment: Re:Whats a Future Power Road Map? (Score 1) 124

by cK-Gunslinger (#33868206) Attached to: IBM's Plans For the Cell Processor

I think the true power of the PS3/Cell will be it's longevity.

Look at the PS2. Now look at the 1st gen games for it versus some of the latest ones. The differences are huge, and they are due purely to better programming techniques (same hardware.) I've no doubt that the PS3/Cell will have a similar lifespan.

Also, I know it discussed in almost every tech generation of consoles, but this time it might be true: Is the hardware finally good enough? This may be directly influenced by the popularity of Flash-based and iPhone games. Is the game market still being driven by the faster-polygon-pushing race? Maybe not..

Comment: Re:Hardware support is still weak (Score 1) 185

by cK-Gunslinger (#33272392) Attached to: Gestures With Multitouch In Ubuntu 10.10


I bought a new $330 15.6" dual-core Acer laptop from Wal-Mart on Sunday and without even booting to Windows 7, I inserted a Linux Mint 9 CD, formatted the HD, installed the OS and had a fully-working laptop with video, sound, 3D, wireless, and webcam working 100% without even a single reboot or driver download.

I don't see it getting much easier than that.

Comment: Re:My setup: Better than a TV with a TiVo. (Score 1) 502

by cK-Gunslinger (#32057774) Attached to: One In Eight To Cut Cable and Satellite TV In 2010
I've been using a similar set-up for the last 9 months or so.

- 24/7 Linux box (My main desktop PC)
- t.e.d. (Java-based Torrent Episode Downloader - searches eztv and many other torrent site, using filters to get the shows you define.)
- Deluge (Bittorrent client set to check a folder for new torrents added by ted)
- tvnamer (perl app that renames TV show files to a format you decide, using TVdB for episode names)

String it all together with some scripts and cron jobs (to automate file renaming/moving and to restart java apps nightly)

Attach a device running XBMC with a Logitech remote and you're set. I'm currently using an actual modded Xbox, but plan on upgrading to a $200 Atom-basded nettop for HD output. (Acer AspireRevo)

Comment: Re:Don't bet on it (Score 4, Insightful) 188

by cK-Gunslinger (#28416031) Attached to: How the Obama Copyright Policies Might Unfold

.. went out of their way to paint McCain as a senile old man and Palin as a crazy country bumpkin.

If by "went out of thier way," you meant "turned the cameras on and stepped back," then I agree with you completely. You can't blame everything on the media, the dancing monkeys on TV performed their act as well.

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