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Comment: Re: Invisible hand (Score 1) 536

By contracting out, you get people who hire workers willing to do work for the least amount of pay, unlike union workers who get better pay and tend to have formalized processes that do the work right the first time, even if it seems over done.

You don't know how business works if you think contracting out has anything to do with 'good' work.

I live in a city that contracts out everything but the most emergency of repairs for sewer work, the private contractors take longer and leave the areas they work in fucked up every-single-time. We have a mile of road that was ripped up and repiped by contractors, after it was done the road was littered with dips and potholes and they are having to completely dig up and repave the entire road now as a result. Contracting is about making money off government and doing it as cheaply as possible.

Comment: Re:Finally, the device I want ... serious though. (Score 1) 445

The idea that Microsoft's ecosystem of applications isn't full of junkware suggests you being willfully ignorant of reality to make your argument sound better. Keyboard/mouse/monitor on Android is actually useful if you have ever done it for any amount of time beyond just playing with it.

Having a phone that runs all your necessary apps is what this is about, and Microsoft's boat has already sunk in that arena. It's play catchup for 10 years and hope they can, and in the mean time you can expect more disruptive tech to arrive on the scene that their monolithic org won't be able to adapt quickly enough for.

Comment: Interesting Angle (Score 1) 251

by cHiphead (#49184007) Attached to: Racial Discrimination Affects Virtual Reality Characters Too

There could be a subconscious element that leads to a virtual character reminding you of someone you know in real life, family, parents, friends, coworkers, random person you see on the street regularly, that leads to a false positive for the researcher, which totally fucks the 'racism' angle of this 'study'.

Comment: Solution (Score 2) 301

by cHiphead (#48363667) Attached to: Police Body Cam Privacy Exploitation

1. All video gets released after 2 years
2. Those in a recording can sign a release to allow for earlier public release, this can be a part of any booking process if an arrest is made but has to be explicitly optional on the part of the suspect.
3. Recordings can be released early for specifically defined public safety and suspect apprehension purposes (eg, somebody shoots an officer and escapes, amber alert or other active suspect recording)
4. Recordings are automatically released early at the request of an organization of the Press.
5. Recordings can be released early at the order of a Judge (any Judge at any time, so as to preclude a pro-LEO or even anti-LEO seeming Judges from preventing a release).

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