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Comment: Re:Exclusives and ease of use (Score 1) 136 136

Lifelong gamer here, with kids and wife who also game. Nobody actually cares about consoles anymore, the world has moved on, Tablet/phone games and pc games are where the safe money will be. Xbone and PS4 are just computers that are locked in to their titles. Once the xbox360 goes out, we'll never go back to consoles.

Comment: Domain Registrars are all scammers (Score 4, Interesting) 107 107


I had pandora[x].com since 2000, on auto-renew, suddenly actually hit big, registrar turned off auto-renew, the alert emails were nowhere to be found, and my domain was suddenly owned by a cayman islands company. The creation date is still 2000-01-12..

GoDaddy themselves transferred another domain of mine to one of their third party scamming companies that tries to sell domains while I was trying to get it renewed (within that 30 days after it expires). It's been 6+ years and they've done nothing with it, just sitting there, I have .net .org and .us for the name as well. Creation date on it is still 2000-01-16.

Don't ever take a chance with your domains, register them for 10 years at a time. GoDaddy, while having some useful services, will fuck you.

Comment: Re:Controversial because? (Score 3, Insightful) 284 284

Umm, sorry to disturb your "conservatives are evil" rant, but then how do you explain the epically failing schools of many american inner cities?

All of these epically failing schools are the result of underfunded school districts. Even the privatized programs pushed inside the public school system end up more expensive that just allowing the school system to handle it with public employees, furthering the funding issues. Every single GOP sponsored 'conservative' program seems to be detrimental for public schools. Privatization is all I've seen from the conservative politicians that isn't from the religious part of the conservative education policy making. Why do you think schools are underfunded in the first place? Conservative policy makers.

Outside of your nonsense that depicts this is a political issue and blames liberals while ignoring the larger, actual issues of funding, I do somewhat agree with you on the common core view related to new math, but I also understand that it has an intentional design. I have a 6 and a 13 year old in the midst of this new strategy which, if you were to actually experience the flow of it, seems more functionally useful and builds on particular logic, instead of just memorization and acceptance of formulas without a particular basis of understanding built from other pieces. That said, not teaching kids about long division still drives me crazy. I feel a lot like this is a test being performed on my children's generation and it could really go either way, so I encourage learning outside of school provided methods to keep their minds open.

To summarize, conservatives aren't evil, just more full of shit, and even a broken clock is right twice a day. ;)

Comment: Re:Why do companies keep thinking people *want* th (Score 1) 125 125

Too bad you feel that way, since this is what's coming. The future keeps happening, even if you don't want it to.

Why wouldn't you want your computing device to also be your phone, just plug it into a cradle at your desk for large monitor and beefed up additional processing power.

Conceptually, it's exactly what our devices should already be.

Comment: Re:skating on the edge of legal? (Score 5, Insightful) 302 302

"People" aren't pushing back, entrenched "organizations" are pushing back. People don't give a shit and will use what's available. Let's keep some perspective, even while Uber is obviously circumventing laws, the laws themselves are out of place and incompatible with the future as they cling to the past.

Comment: Re:Get your axe out (Score 1) 225 225

My understanding was that compliance in this case requires that they offer up the source code for whatever they use. If they then make changes, there is no requirement to post their changes as well.

Your self proclaimed understanding was incredulously incorrect and shows that you did not actually have an understanding of the GPL. Playing to some niceties of politeness when you yourself are bullshitting is less than honest, sir. You asserted understanding that was false. No need to get upset when someone attempts to correct your assertion.

Have a nice day.

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