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Comment US News is at least full of shit on this (Score 1) 289

I watched a few minutes of CNN last night, they were bringing on any asshole to try to talk up the idea of a bomb on the plan. Plans can actually have internal explosions not related to a bomb. The speed at which the British trotted this bullshit out was suspect. Either they had intelligence and didn't do anything with it, or it's just a propaganda game being run by intelligence services. Either way, it's just spitting in the face of reality that people died and an investigation is required without a predisposition for the conclusion to be a bomb.

Comment Re:drones (Score 0) 318

What safeguards? Owning a gun? Did that keep any of that shit from happening? Freedom of speech? Freedom of the Press? Freedom of Religion? It all means nothing if we don't stand up to the bullshit when someone tries to normalize some fucked up behavior like that. Where the fuck were all these freedom loving libertarians when the towers fell and Bush invaded Iraq after already hitting Afghanistan?

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