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Comment: Re:Such systems have been proposed before (Score 1) 1065

by bytta (#38980199) Attached to: The Zuckerberg Tax
You are assuming that the stock price stays constant.

What happens if the stock price falls considerably, or the company even goes bankrupt? - He decides it's better to lose the underlying collateral (worth less, or possibly nothing). His loan is "free" and no taxes are paid.

What happens if the stock price rises considerably, let's say doubles or quadruples? He can sell a fraction of the stocks to pay for the loans. He pays taxes, but can keep a bulk of his shares and even take out a new loan on that.

Either way he's never going to lose any money. If the stock price rises taxes will be paid eventually, but it will delayed by many years. If the stock price falls taxes will be avoided. But IT stock has never gone down, so we don't need to worry about that... right?

Comment: Re:Killer App (Score 1) 487

by bytta (#37919042) Attached to: Things That Turbo Pascal Is Smaller Than
But the Visicalc info given in TFS is totally wrong. It uses 29K of RAM, which is not the same as the size of the binary.
First google hit for "visicalc binary size" gives this page: http://www.bricklin.com/history/vcexecutable.htm which tells us that the binary is only 27,520 bytes, and even gives a download link to a working copy of Visicalc. I guess 29K is close enough to 27,520 bytes, but it's wrong, dammit!

Comment: Re:This is needed in China (Score 1) 258

by bytta (#37066344) Attached to: China Catches Up With Google's Driverless Car
Having driven (a motorbike) for over 2 years in India, I'm not sure how it would work.

All rules seem to be optional, the traffic school is a joke, with a short written test (identify 6 traffic signs to pass), and an even shorter drive. Only the golden rule applies - Don't hit anyone else, and they'll try not to hit you.

90% of the effort is spent on watching for other drivers that do something out of the ordinary...

Sample written test: http://www.drivingtest.in/start-sample-test.php
Video of the drive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGfLNqjh4j0
I guess China is similar...

Comment: Re:Multiple accounts.... (Score 1) 213

by bytta (#36680940) Attached to: 7 Days In Email Hell
I have gmail accounts for 1) and 2), and Gmail manager addon for Firefox to check on them. Both are about 10% full after years of use.
3) usually goes to no2+tag@gmail.com or mailinator/spambox. Works pretty well, and I know that any mail coming to 2) is not very important so notifications for that are low priority.

Comment: Re:Careful what you wish for (Score 1) 615

by bytta (#35732618) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Take a Pay Cut To Telecommute?
I actually did that for a year and a half when my wife got a 3-year contract in India for an NGO.
I got a telecommuting job for a programming company I had worked for earlier. Took a 5-10% hit in salary and had to rent an office space in India (paid in part by the company), and fly home about once a year on my own dime, but was still fine for us financially - especially since Indian visa rules forbid working there (on my kind of visa).

Good enough that when the job went sour (mainly for asinine projects and total lack of communication from coworkers) I could afford to stop working for the last year of my wife's contract and just be a stay-at-home husband - thanks to the visa rules.

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