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Arctic Sea Ice Rallies a Bit 152

Posted by timothy
from the mysterious-ways dept.
radioweather writes "Like the recent stock market rebound, Arctic sea ice is making a big rally over the record low set last year. According to the Alaskan IARC-JAXA website, satellite data which shows sea ice extent as of 10/14/08 was 7,064,219 square kilometers, when compared to a year ago 10/14/08 it was 5,487,656 square kilometers. The one-day gain between 10/13/08 and 10/14/08 of 3.8% is also quite impressive. On May 5th, The National Snow and Ice Data Center suggested the possibility of an ice-free north pole in 2008, but so far, this year has been a banner year for sea ice recovery."

Software Holds Cell Phone Calls While Driving 452

Posted by kdawson
from the hang-up-and-drive dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Canadian company Aegis Mobility has developed software that detects if a cell phone is moving at 'car' speeds. If so, the software, DriveAssistT, will alert the cellular network, telling it to hold calls and text messages until the drive is over. Calls are not blocked entirely; callers will be notified that the person appears to be driving, but they can still leave an emergency voice mail, which will be sent through immediately."
The Almighty Buck

Report Indicates Widespread H-1B Visa Fraud 397

Posted by kdawson
from the imagine-our-surprise dept.
Vrst1013 notes a Business Week account of a government report examining fraud in the H-1B program. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services just released a report to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee examining issues with fraud and technical violations within this program. Based on a sample size of 246 H-1B petitions, 13.4 percent showed fraud and 7.3 percent showed technical violations, for an overall violation rate of 20.7 percent. There was slso evidence of payment below the prevailing wage, offers of non-existent jobs, and fraudulent documentation. "'The report makes it clear that the H-1B program is rife with abuse and misuse,' says Ron Hira, [a professor] at the Rochester Institute of Technology ... However, both Presidential candidates, Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain, have said they support expanding the program."

Comment: Re:New HOT, faster Postgres (Score 2, Informative) 286

by byoung (#22310942) Attached to: PostgreSQL 8.3 Released
I guess nobody appreciates humor here. Well, not if it's against the fanboys.

I'll stand by it though-- switching to MySQL from Postgres made my life significantly simpler:

1) you can install MySQL easily
2) MySQL has great vendor support
3) my experience is that MySQL performs significantly better in the general case (i.e. I'm not spending my entire life tweaking performance)

Many an honest thing were said in jest, I suppose.

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