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Comment Re:Tax dollars at work. (Score 1) 674 674

Note that this was not a police officer but a support staff member so they do not have all the training that would normally be given. Mitchel and Webb did a sketch on it. They also do not have the power to arrest somebody more than an average person would ala Citizen's Arrest.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830 830

Using the average human body temperature doesn't vary and isn't at all arbitrary? And celsuis is not defined in terms of these limits any more. Your point about precision is nonsense. You might as well say lets use milliKelvin for everything as we get even more precision! (Fuck it - lets go to micro!)

Comment Re:Heisenberg compensator ... (Score 3, Informative) 83 83

I think you should have a look at Bell's theorem.

'No physical theory of local hidden variables can ever reproduce all of the predictions of quantum mechanics.'

In this case, local hidden variables refer to what you describe as it being in a single state and us just not knowing. Without faster-than-light information transfer (which we cannot have if causality is to hold within relativity), it is not possible that 'the system is in a state and we just don't know it. '. Quoting wikipedia,

In a theory in which parameters are added to quantum mechanics to determine the results of individual measurements, without changing the statistical predictions, there must be a mechanism whereby the setting of one measuring device can influence the reading of another instrument, however remote. Moreover, the signal involved must propagate instantaneously, so that a theory could not be Lorentz invariant.

This has been shown experimentally using Bell's equations and this work got him nominated for a Nobel prize but died before it was awarded that year.

Comment Re: How many minutes until this is mandatory? (Score 1) 287 287

Interestingly, I had the police in the UK pull along side me and do this on a 3 lane motorway for about 5 minutes late at night(1am). I slowed down thinking it was just another asshole in a SUV and eventually they pulled off. They actually sat in my blind spot most of that time just a few yards behind...

Comment Re:And so he validates the violence (Score 1) 894 894

One should not expect a violent reaction under any circumstance in a reasonable society. Just because a person insults one's mother does not mean that it is not true and that she has not wronged them. Freedom of speech is the important issue here, and just because you do not like what somebody says does not give you any right to accost them, nor should the person expect it. "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" - Evelyn Beatrice Hall.

Comment Re:Helium shortage (Score 1) 116 116

One would assume that these aren't going to have passengers or crew. If it blows up at altitude, the whole balloon should combust, producing harmless water. I am sure with modern safety precautions even the recovery could be automated to ensure that no human life is even endangered. Even the Hindenburg wasn't that great in terms of actual loss of life.

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