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Comment Re:Break The NDA (Score 1) 360

Ok, so abstractly you agree that there are circumstances where Apple should remove content, where neither users are being harmed or the Apps are engaging in criminal activity. They're allowed to take down material that is involved in some kind of civil legal dispute. Like if someone is violating licensing terms. Or maybe contractual terms. Or... maybe violating an NDA?

Comment Re:Break The NDA (Score 1) 360

So by that argument, any terms that Apple has for placing apps in their app store (other than those barring criminal or user-harming behavior) are inherently unethical. I think that's debatable, especially depending on your definitions of "criminal behavior" or "user-harming behavior". For example, iFixit broke their legal agreement with Apple: is that "criminal" behavior? You could say that, no, it's not, because it's a civil dispute and not technically "criminal". On the other hand, copyright, trademark, and patent disputes are generally civil disputes, so can Apple remove content where the intellectual property ownership is in dispute?

Comment Re:It's all clouds (Score 1) 90

To be honest, securing email is not that hard, unless you want to "manually" set up a structure to check messages for weird stuff.

It's not that complicated, but it's complicated enough that I've seen plenty of people mess it up. And no, it's not just "checking messages for weird stuff". If you think that's all that's involved, then you don't know enough to run a mail server.

Do you know what SSL certificates are, or how to set one up? Do you know how to set up your firewall to allow only the appropriate ports to the Exchange server, and which ports need to be allowed? Do you understand the security implications of allowing incoming traffic to your network? Do you need to set up multiple Exchange servers with different roles, and do you know what the security implications of that would be? Do you know what MX servers are, and how to set it up so that you don't lose incoming email during a server outage? Do you know how to do a proper backup/restore of your Exchange environment, and how to secure those backups both from breach and loss? Do you know if your email system currently has any unpatched vulnerabilities? Do you have a way of mitigating those vulnerabilities? Do you have a good regimen for installing updates and patches, including testing to prevent unforeseen downtime?

Security isn't just about protecting yourself from malicious email.

You can "outsource" an email hygiene service, to handle the inbound of your email, clean it, and deliver it to your own server

Whoa there. I thought we just established that you're unwilling to trust an outside vendor with your email, and now you're planning on routing all of your email through an outside vendor? If I were paranoid enough about my email to refuse to use a hosted provider, I don't think I'd be willing to use a hosted spam filtering service.

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Journal Journal: Back to coding, doing something I haven't done before 1

Does anybody know of a good Javascript, .NET, or HTML5 (or combination of the three) library for doing a user-customizable widget grid?

I've seen it done enough that this *should* be a readily available control, but I don't seem to be able to find one with my first three rounds of google searching, I'm probably calling it the wrong thing.

What I want is to be able to configure a user's home page on the website with their choice & order of several widgets.

Comment Re:Burying the Lede (Score 1) 256

I've no idea, even the internets aren't sure. My east coast friend says the term goes back to the 80s if not earlier. White Castle made these little nasty addictive burgers that were cooked on a grill without flipping, just put the onions and meat on the grill, top with the bun to seal in the damp grease, and slide them along until they are done. The world's saddest assembly line. They sold "sliders" 5 for a dollar or something like that.

Comment Re:Trillions to whoever figures it out. (Score 1) 443

You couldn't be wronger. Things will be so different when you are staring at your mugger, saying "John Lastname, please think this over again. It's been nearly a year since your last violent crime. Do you really want to go back to jail? You have been out for only a week! Lets talk it over calmly, maybe I can help you figure out a way to make ends meet without harming anyone else."

Comment Re: Gun-free zone? (Score 4, Insightful) 1134

Nope. There are heaps of firearms in Mexico that can't be traced back to the US since they never originated from the US in the first place. The major supplier of the ones that can be tracked is the US Government via the DoD. That's right...the US military sells/gives firearms to the Mexican military and law enforcement agencies where the often go missing. It also doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the cartels that are in the business of smuggling stuff, will also be able to get their hands on military grade firearms. That is what they are using and that stuff isn't readily available in the US outside of the military and law enforcement. The automatic or selective fire firearms manufactured after 1986 cannot be sold legally to US citizens regardless if they have a ATF class III license or not.

What is Mexico's fault is restricting their citizens' ability to defend themselves from criminals while also having a corrupt and ineffective police force. Fortunately, some politicians and citizens are trying to change that.

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