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Comment: Re:And what's the problem? (Score 1) 336

free university? really? because then we'll get pressure to pass students to increase enrollment rates of every private institution in existence to increase funding. Like public school.

then the market will have to come up with some other way to filter out the idiots, just like with the HS Diploma, because it became worthless.

Comment: Re:Will This Fight Ever End? (Score 1) 544

AC is great for long distance and certain applications. DC is great locally. The bridge rectifier should be between the grid & the home battery, not between the home battery and the devices it is recharging and/or powering.

The exception to this are high power home applications: Stove, Oven, Microwave, Toaster, Fridge, Dryer, Washing Machine, Dishwasher. The battery charger can be on the same circuit set.

Note that TV is NOT on this list. All video screens can be low power these days. All lighting can be low power. There is no reason why this can't be a simple 5V, 4A circuit with USB compatible plugs, several to a room.

Comment: Re:He never mentioned some VERY important details. (Score 1) 44

by gl4ss (#49796795) Attached to: Glowforge is a CNC Laser Cutter, not a 3D Printer (Video)

why you think there's an exhaust system? none of the makerbots have one.

if makerbot execs are involved, you might want to ask them if they use the "manifest of done" by bre pettis(the mb douchebag who ran the quality to ground and sold to stratasys .. and then stratasys is downmarking the buy value by 100$m+ already).

basically the manifest of done goes like this "if it might work, call it done and move on - never do a cycle of refinement on the design, just start selling it" which lead to their huge returns for the 5th gen printers due to them a) printing worse than their previous generation b) asking customers to buy 170$ extruders every time one jams and the jam often.

also, if they're exec MBI people, you should ask them if the sample pieces were cut on the machine they're showing! (5th gen makerbots were shown at ces with replicator 2 printed "samples"

Comment: Re:equilibrium (Score 1) 565

by gl4ss (#49796645) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Happens If We Perfect Age Reversing?

resources will last for quite a while if used properly. the current food problems are NOT a problem of not having enough food on earth - or places to grow it or enough water for it or enough nutrients for it. it's about the food rotting away in other places than where the hungry people are and the people not adapting in the places for different crops or techniques.

and frankly pretty much all current famine situations on earth are caused by political strifes/wars, not because those countries wouldn't have enough resources mind you - they just can't get along well enough to use those resources to make enough food.

Comment: Re:Exodus (Score 2) 565

by gl4ss (#49796599) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Happens If We Perfect Age Reversing?

yeah because the modern lifestyle of the rich is TOTALLY independent of the rest of the society like microchip producers and what have you(oh wait you mention some _outside_ government keeping the riff raff out for them - for what motivation? for what motivation would the others consider the "rich" folks bank statements to be worth anything other than numbers? how can they be rich?)

besides, the article is not about if only the rich get it or if the rich will move to gated communities or whatever.. it's just OMG WE RUN OUT OF RESOURCES stuff. reality is not reall that much of running out of resources but having something meaningful for everyone to be doing - I vote for implementing the matrix.

but really, the article is not news, it's just speculation that's been around for decades if not hundreds of years.. it's just shite.

Comment: Re:What! (Score 1) 246

by gl4ss (#49796171) Attached to: How a Scientist Fooled Millions With Bizarre Chocolate Diet Claims

your personal Rainer told you to put butter in your coffee since saturated fats are a "GREAT SOURCE OF LASTING ENERGY"?

who cares if your cocoa powder and sugar is "highly processed" or not.. it's the overall calories that matter. sugar and cocoa themselves don't get any more processed in the process.

Comment: Re:Sounds like good grounds for an appeal, (Score 1) 80

by gl4ss (#49795945) Attached to: Murder Accusations Hang Over Silk Road Boss Ulbricht's Sentencing

if a prosecutor doesn't prosecute the "murders for hire" then how in the fuck it's just for him to use those as reasons for giving a harsher sentence? he didn't charge him with those crimes.

it's not usual in europe for prosecutor to say that the accused is guilty of crimes he is not being charged for, as if being guilty of those crimes was a proven fact. a separate probably going through case would be grounds for lesser sentence in the one case(since the total would grow up - also, in europe in general stacing of sentences doesn't work in the same way so there isn't , as much anyways, of cases where people have sentences of hundreds of years...).

it's bullshit and good grounds for appeal... even more so because the feds were soliciting him those "murder for hire" offers.

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