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+ - At&t to launch WIFI Commercials->

Submitted by butilikethecookie
butilikethecookie (2566015) writes "If you are a frequent traveler with a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone, you are likely always on the lookout for a way to get some free WiFi access. More often than not, however, you are forced to pay a fee to link up to a solid WiFi connection and sometimes those prices can be expensive.

Now AT&T has confirmed it will begin an experiment that's designed to give users a free WiFi connection on their network, but as usual there's a catch. GigaOM reports that the service will involve the user watching a 30 second video ad for every 40 minutes he or she is connected to the WiFi network.

The experiment is slated to launch in September at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. While the service has been confirmed for laptop users, there's no word if tablet or smartphone owners will be able to access it as well."

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+ - Credit Card Numbers Recovored From Xbox->

Submitted by butilikethecookie
butilikethecookie (2566015) writes "Restoring an Xbox 360 console to factory settings before selling it apparently isn't enough to remove your personal information.Drexel University researcher Ashley Podhradsky said that her team had successfully retrieved credit card data from a refurbished Xbox using simple modding tools. The software gave them access to the console's files and folders, letting them extract information that hadn't been wiped even by the Microsoft-authorized reseller."
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+ - Canada to Retire the Penny->

Submitted by butilikethecookie
butilikethecookie (2566015) writes "Canada's 2012 federal budget will eliminate production of the penny starting this fall in order to save costs. The budget claims that the coin is a "burden to the economy," as it it costs the Canadian government 1.6 cents to produce each penny — and Canada estimates that it will save about $11 million a year with its elimination. Canada joins a growing number of countries in sacking the penny, including Sweden, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, Israel, Brazil, and others, and the penny debate is currently ongoing in the US. Looks like I'm done collecting Canadian Pennies. *sad face*"
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+ - Apple Tried to Hire Linus Torvalds, Kill Linux->

Submitted by butilikethecookie
butilikethecookie (2566015) writes "The founder of Linux was invited to Apple HQ in Cupertino by Steve Jobs at the turn of the millennium, where is was invited to join Apple and work on (what would become) OS X. The lure? ‘Unix for the biggest user base’.The catch? That he would have to stop development on Linux, a condition that led Torvalds to flatly refuse the offer. Imagine: no Linux would have meant no Ubuntu, no Chrome OS, and no Android; the entire ecosystem of technology could have been dramatically changed by acceptance of this one job offer."
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Role Playing (Games)

+ - Bethesda to Announce Elder Scrolls MMO in May->

Submitted by butilikethecookie
butilikethecookie (2566015) writes "Elder Scrolls Online will likely take place during the “Second Era,” or several hundred years before any of the other Elder Scrolls games.Elder Scrolls Online will have three playable factions. Not much is known about the factions, except each is represented by one of three animals: A lion, a dragon, and a bird of prey. A May 2012 announcement would likely be followed by some sort of presence at E3, the annual Los Angeles video game convention. The game would also be shown at Quakecon 2012 in August, along with id Software’s Doom 4 and several other titles."
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